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  • Sandrose Dec 31, 2013
    Have a happy new year Love4k :)
  • kranju Dec 20, 2013
    I went to ur profile to see what my message was :P it was long bak ryt!! Am doing good.. excited about my vacation leave now.. will get to watch a couple of dramas ^_^
  • kranju Oct 29, 2013
    hello :) thanks fr accepting :) how r u? I like your username very much :D
  • reph Oct 18, 2013
    hi hi!!'s alright...most of the times i do reply late...hectic in college w/ exams and project work...^^
    aah..i hear your voice was nice..i actually had second thoughts of watching it...but do regret having second thoughts...hehe..i thought of watching Cruel City too...
    Protect the Boss would have been nice if i watched it's too much cliche for me..yeah i ship ji sung and jae joong in it...they are so cute ^^
  • yourebeautiful Oct 18, 2013
    unni. :( you dont love me no more?
  • yourebeautiful Oct 15, 2013
    -_- its been a while since i saw you here. you seem so far. hajiima unni.
  • yourebeautiful Oct 13, 2013
    dapunnoma. i dont like you. you poosa.
  • yourebeautiful Sep 27, 2013
    aaaaaaaaaaiiiiii mmmmiiiiiiiiissssssssss yyyyoooooooouuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh.....
  • reph Sep 23, 2013
    hi...Thanks for accepting the f/r...^^ i've finished watching I hear your voice..i actually had second thoughts of watching that..but i do regret that i had such kinda was great..
    right now i'm watching "protect the boss".. many of them has recommended me in watching that for a long time...what abt you?
    PS: sorry for the very late reply.. xC
  • Heemen Aug 29, 2013
    yeah :DD
  • forever_shawol Aug 28, 2013
    Yeah I know what you mean... School for me is back next week so I only have 1 week left to watch as much dramas as possible MOOO HAHA xD
    The Master's Sun is amazing...The first few scenes are scary but It's not too's actually sad and addictive :P

    No I haven't watched Smile you yet...Are the eps long? Is it good? I've been trying to watch Wild Romance (for the 5th time already) but I can never get into it ... The hair and the first ep.... :P
  • Heemen Aug 28, 2013
    and kim jae wook :p
  • Heemen Aug 28, 2013
    yeaaaaaaaaaaaah :D I love kim jae won too!!!!! he's currently in my background display :p (really love his photos!)
  • KDramaCucko Aug 27, 2013
    What do you mean my bias for the moment? The actor that I really like right now?
    Yeah I hope my schedule would losen up a bit so I could go back to watch lots of drama haha Though it would be hard since I have a 2 year old though
  • dramacrazier Aug 27, 2013
    well you can him ask him why dose he ignore you and he is your boyfrien he should be with you more tell him that and tell him what things you don't like about him i mean his behavior tell him evrything that's in your mind if he don't have enything to say then you say it's over :) i would do that if i were you but that's my opinion you can do whatever you want do what you think is right thing think for yourself belive in you and you will be fine :)


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