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The idealistic Choi In Ha has her work cut out for her when she becomes a broadcast journalist, especially when she suffers from a condition known as “Pinocchio syndrome,” which makes her break out into hiccups whenever she tells a lie. Her rookie colleagues include Choi Dal Po, whose shabby appearance masks his true eloquence and sharp memory; Seo Bum Jo, a wealthy heir who has had everything handed to him in read morelife; and Yoon Yoo Rae, whose fangirl knowledge comes in handy in covering the news. The 20-something newbie reporters pursue justice as they try to discover themselves in the process.

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Jan 24, 2015
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
Pinocchio on the surface is about a bunch of reporters who learn what reporting is truly all about. Or at least, that's what I was expecting until I heard Lee Jong Suk joined the cast. I swear nobody has a knack for good roles the way he does. He just knows how to pick an amazing role and make it even more amazing with his acting skills. And that's what this drama read more was. Absolutely AMAZING. Every episode took me deeper and deeper into their story and by the time I was done, I was crying like a wild horse (if wild horses cry). Every character, every situation and every decision (made by Dal Po) either turned me into a huge of puddle of emotional mess or brought a huge, shiny grin on my face. Some stuff got me slapping my computer screen so hard (I'll make it up to you babe). There were no in-betweens. Also there were no dull moments.

Coming to characters. Dal Po is amazing. And not just your everyday amazing but amazing amazing. While I was watching I can't even count the number of times I would've made a choice completely different from him. He was so brave and just so right. The kind of path he took, there was no assurance that he would be able to avenge his family at all and as we moved further into the story, we realize that if he hadn't made the choices that he did, he wouldn't even have been able to catch the right culprit. As for Park Shin Hye, I've really only liked her in You're Beautiful. Her characters in Heirs and Flower Boy Next Door were extremely disappointing. But this is her best portrayal. I loved Choi In Ha and her blunt attitude (not that she had a choice considering the Pinocchio Syndrome). I think I'll have a hard time remembering it's not a real syndrome.

The supporting cast was amazing, especially Yoon Yoo Rae. Her little love-story towards the end was really cute (I'm trying really hard not to give spoilers here, but I'm so excited I can barely contain it, lol). In Ha's mom, her dad, her grandpa, everyone was great. Both the Caps and OMG the whole staff at YGN. I absolutely loved them. Especially the dude with the creepy grin and the hairband. He was awesome! Ahn Chan Soo was awesome. Kim Hae Sook is one of my favorite actors when it comes to moms and other older roles and the parts she plays always have something great to offer. Same happened here. Her character started out as a sweet and overly-protective mom which reminded me of her roles in Marriage Not Dating and I Hear Your Voice but it grew into so much more. Last (but most definitely not the least) Ki Jae Myung was mesmerizing. You know what he does is wrong, yet all you feel for him is sympathy and make excuses for him, because the emotional turmoil he goes through is simply palpable. He suffered through years of pain and guilt and he suffered all by himself. It was beautiful, the way his character was shaped.

The music is good, though not extremely good. It's melodious, relaxing and not too dramatic. Every Single Day has composed some nice ones for the OST.

Comparisons to I Hear Your voice are inevitable since the lead actor along with supporting cast and the writer-director were same for both dramas. And there is an essence of IHYV here in this drama, which makes it just as great. But nothing is repetitive and Pinocchio easily holds it's own. I would recommend it to everyone now that all the episodes are out and you don't have to live in agony waiting for new episodes.
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Jan 16, 2015
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
I cannot recall the last show that I found so gripping and intelligently written. I feel that this show has raised the bar for me and placed it considerably high. I simply didn't want it to end! A show that had me hooked from the 1st episode to the last one without a single low point or a hitch - it's hard to come across those. I'd like to warn you that read more this review might be a long one, but such a show deserves nothing but unabridged words from the heart.

The story was simply genius. The twists and turns didn't seem deliberate, the characters were true to life, the sub-plots were all significant as well! Nothing, and I really mean NOTHING was out of place. No side characters seemed forcefully added or hastily exited (Although the finale did seem to exclude an end to a tiny plot the writers were building, but I'm willing to squelch that itch in my brain). The story itself taught so much! I still remember the great things I learned from I Hear Your Voice and the writers haven't failed to teach me several things in this show either. There was such commendable courage, unconditional love, and selflessness shown in this drama, it simplifies many things that have become complicated in our lives these days. The main pivotal element, that brought freshness and brilliancy to the story, was the drama's namesake medical condition - Pinocchio Syndrome. The inability to lie brings such delightful reprieve from all the deceits and hidden truths and misunderstandings that come along with relationships. If only people were usually so honest and open about their emotions, things wouldn't be so complex. There are some of the most beautiful bonds that I saw in this show that I will never forget. I could go on and on about how remarkable the story of this show was, and still not say enough.

I need to take a deep breath before I begin about the actors. Why? Because I need to make coherent sentences from the heap of positive adjectives that are popping in my head. All I can think of, are words such as - Perfect, incredible, incomparable, outstanding, amazing, brilliant, etc. etc. I can certainly say that from the leads to the guest appearances, EVERY single actor, that worked on this show, deserves an applause or a pat on the back at least. I've never seen such a plethora of great performances, all in one show. Each performance of the actors seems to be imprinted in my head. Lee Jong Suk was positively dazzling throughout the series! And Park Shin Hye pleasantly surprised me with her remarkable portrayal of Choi In Ha. I'd never been a fan of hers, but I have to admit, she gave an absolutely stunning performance. The veteran actors, that were part of the cast, need no extra praise, they were great as always. A special mention for Jin Kyung and Kim Hae Sook though, these two ladies gave such captivating performances as the antagonists that I couldn't help but respect and admire their characters even while hating them. Kim Young Kwang and Lee Yoo Bi looked really promising! I've seen other works by these two, but Pinocchio definitely brought out the best of them, as well as every other actor in the cast.

The OSTs in the drama struck a chord in every situation they were played in. The music really brought forth the emotions and conveyed the intensity of the moments spectacularly. There were so many scenes where I simply shed tears because of the perfect harmony of the music and the script.

Which reminds me to mention the powerful script that the show had! Such impactful words, such brilliant dialogues! The chemistry between, not just the lead pair, but every actor was evident and impressive. I've run out of adjectives that I usually get to use while describing a show, but I still have many things I haven't been able to mention. The list of things that worked in the favor of the show is too long to post in this already too long review. If anybody has had the patience to read till now, I'd like to request you Dear Reader, do not let anything stop you from watching this show, it'll be one of the best you've ever seen. I can guarantee that. I'm off to place this in the top slot of my favorite dramas.
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This is also a lee jong suk drama.The story is much more compelling and competitive.. U will race with the time. Like in W here also the growing romance between the two leads r very much cooler. Also the ending is much more adorable which I felt a little lack in W... Pinocchio really amazing media drama....
Recommended by anjaly kb
- both main male lead separated from their brother
- both main male lead are looking the truth from their past
- both main male lead's brother committed murder
- both female main lead are always on main male lead's side through thick and thin.

- only their type of work are not the same
Recommended by keifferodartseam

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    Ineta 9 minutes ago

    Even though I did quite enjoy this, found the story quite original (solving cases but not as detectives), I feel like you can obviously see how much they're trying to be real, but they can't quite get there.

    And that's not the only flaw I found.. Not all actors were equally great and when episode 20 ended, it felt like some things were kind of left hanging.

    However! The whole story and the characters seemed even heart-warming, you aren't able to not let it get to you. You'll feel for them and laugh because of them.

    Another thing I appreciated is how everyone got what they deserved and the character growths that were made.

    Yes, maybe this is not a drama as perfect as it could be, since it had such high potential, but it is definitely a drama you need to see. It's far from my favorites, but I almost feel like I will miss this. :'D

  • Reply
    Kshitij 6 days ago

    Compelling and engaging. A bit dragged towards the end, but great watch nonetheless.

  • Reply
    AydinLan 10 days ago

    I wanna watch it again...I miss them <3

  • Reply
    silvermcv 25 days ago - edited

    The first time I saw this drama, I liked it but I felt like the second half was not as strong. After rewatching it recently, I like it even more. Truly one of the best. This is PSH's best role by far. LJS did a great job too, but I mainly admire his ability to get PSH to actually give us good kisses. Great couple and interesting story. Amazing cast with interesting characters.

    • Reply
      silvermcv 9 days ago

      it does have some of that stuff but it is mainly a romcom imo. If you want that I recommend Signal or Tunnel

    • Reply
      Narco 9 days ago

      Yea, i have my eyes on Tunnel already. gonna watch it when it finish airing. I watched signal.

    • Reply
      silvermcv 9 days ago

      so far Tunnel is as good as Signal, which I really liked. If you dont mind sageuk Six Flying Dragons and Tree With Deep Roots are other dramas with a really good writing team that were thrillers with suspense, very little to no romance. The best would be Nirvana in Fire (revenge drama), but it is a cdrama and maybe you are not into that.
      Out of modern dramas maybe I remember you (it does have some romance but more sidelined) not as good as Tunnel or Signal imo but still interesting and it deals with crimes, etc. I hope that helps.

    • Reply
      Narco 9 days ago - edited

      I have 4 more episodes left of The K2, then ill watch Pied Piper(hopefully its NOT episodic), then i might check I Remember you (if its not episodic), but surely ill check Six Flying Dragons since it has 9.0 on imdb. Thanks. I dont mind romance in dramas, but it should not be main thing, like Iris series, K2, Healer, City Hunter...
      Thanks for recommendations.

    • Reply
      silvermcv 9 days ago

      ohh if you think the romance in Healer is fine then the romance in Pinocchio should be fine too. Just trying to help another drama fan, I know it is hard looking for good dramas ^^

  • Reply
    Cntrldfusion 29 days ago

    I wish that I had not waited over 2yrs to watch it. This was really really good. And I thought PSH was great. To be able to hiccup every time you lie and make it look that real is pretty amazing.

  • Reply
    zuojenn Mar 26, 2017

    amazing! utterly amazing!
    Great story, great characters, super sweet couple <3

  • Reply
    EmpyreanConqueror Mar 20, 2017

    I got recommended this from a friend, she said it had a happy ending, hopefully it does!

  • Reply
    guccigall Mar 19, 2017

    LJS is a good kisser

  • Reply
    redsprinkle Mar 17, 2017 - edited

    Being a journo, I enjoyed watching it, despite it being little draggy.

  • Reply
    Myauntmary Mar 13, 2017

    LJS and Park Shin Hye look so good together. Especially when they were in their wedding outfits.

  • Reply
    coffeeh Feb 4, 2017 - edited

    I enjoyed watching Pinocchio but in my opinion 20 episodes was too much compared to the plot.

  • Reply
    PabboStell Jan 31, 2017 - edited

    It was a really great drama! It really had the "I can hear your voice" vibe because of the production team and Jongsuk of course xD
    Sin Hye's best role from what I've seen from her & it seems she finally learned how to kiss *claps*
    The storyline was interesting and the actors, both main and supporting also did a nice job.
    It's one of those dramas that leaves an impact on you.
    It makes you wonder every time you watch the news "Is this the truth? Is this a lie? Little from both?".
    It teaches you that what you see is not everything, every story could be accepted in a different way, depending on the person who presents it and the people who are listening/watching.
    It's surely a drama that shouldn't be missed!

    • Reply
      Sara Mar 12, 2017

      Pinocchio is my favourite drama of all time

  • Reply
    Akaisora Dec 4, 2016 - edited

    I really want to watch this but I'm in the mood for romance. Is there any romance in this one?

    • Reply
      manicmuse Dec 15, 2016 - edited

      There is romance between the leads, but it's not always the focus.

    • Reply
      ParkShinHyeILY Jan 21, 2017

      yes there is romance and i love it!!! great drama :)

    • Reply
      KatySarang_TGeyes Mar 2, 2017

      Yes there is romance but it's not always the focus like how manicmuse said. the romance was sorta slow in my opinion, there was a lot of problems for them to overcome for them to be together. Realistic problems, but problems all the same. Anyway the reason I liked this show is because I found what they had to say on reporters so interesting.

  • Reply
    Jheiz shin hye Oct 18, 2016 - edited

    I wish its available in PH I really want to watch it.

  • Reply
    Janey Sep 22, 2016 - edited

    I started this drama about three months ago, totally hated it in the first two episodes and dropped it. After watching W, I fell in love with Lee Jong Suk's work and started watching his other shows. I decided to give this one another try (cause if its LJS, at least I can spend 20+ hours watching his beautiful face) but fell in love with the show.

    • Reply
      yoomesbond Jan 4, 2017

      omg same! dropped this also before, but after watching W, I started watching all of his other dramas. Watching I hear your voice now <3

    • Reply
      Janey Jan 5, 2017

      Ooooh I love I Hear Your Voice <3 <3


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