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  • neptune 4 days ago
    Yeah, I started Cunning and Single Again and I like it very much, although I don't know if I won't get bored at some point - the plot is very predictable. But Joo Sang Wook totally surprised me with his role :D I only knew him from Good Doctor, where he was serious and strict all the time, but here he even does funny things and acts recklessly from time to time :)
    I know it's still too early but I wanted to ask you about Angel Eyes. Did you like the first two episodes? How is JanDi's acting? I'm thinking of starting it soon, but maybe I'll wait for the first opinions :)
    2 ❤
  • neptune 5 days ago
    I've completed You're Beautiful and you were right, Jeremy wasn't as fortunate as I thought :( His song was very touching and I felt for him too. But it was really strange seeing "the real" Mi Nam - he was MUTE and had a weird gaze... I wonder if he's ever spoken to his bandmates :/ Nevertheless, I liked the final episode and the whole drama. Tae Kyung was so cool~ :)
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  • neptune 22 days ago
    Haha, yes, it is possible... 'Cause I feel the same xD Tae Kyung is a more interesting character and I don't really understand why Shin Woo fell for 'Go Mi Nam' almost instantly. But it still hurts seeing him being ignored, he's so nice and helps her all the time and she doesn't even notice him. I guess Jeremy is the lucky guy now as he's not so much affected by jealousy or heartbreak ^^
    And have you heard it? There will be 1 episode more of Emergency Couple. I'm not sure if it's good news, the story may get draggy, but anyway, I'm sure I'll watch it :)
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  • neptune 24 days ago
    I've just watched ep 12 of You're Beautiful and I must say the writers were really cruel to Yong Hwa! He was stood up for the second time (or maybe it was the hundredth time...?) Anyway, it really strikes me that no one is interested in the real Gu Mi Nam, it looks like even his sister doesn't really care about him :/ I know he was just a trigger to the story, but it's weird how forgotten he is since then.
    1 ❤
  • neptune 26 days ago
    I meant the little Gook, the son of Jin Ae, but Chief Gook is a cool second lead too. Some people even want him to end up with Jin Hee, but what would then happen to (my) Oh Chang Min? And yes, his imagination is indeed very vivid and it definitely does not serve him right ^.^ As far as I remember the "imagination" scene was also included in the preview so at some point I got really confused whether Chang Min really attacked Chief Gook or not :D
    1 ❤
  • neptune 28 days ago
    Haha, I see you even changed your profile pic! Yeah, Oh Chang Min is so adorable one cannot help but fall for him (I told you, right? xD ). And, of course, there is baby Gook, who is just like the icing on the cake in terms of cuteness :) <br />I'm watching all the three dramas mentioned by you and I must say each of them delivers different emotions, it's a splendid mix if you crave for some serious drama, cute and funny story or supernatural-themed romance. Really, I regret there are only 2 episodes a week :/ Haha but with their schedule I can enjoy new episodes from Saturday to Wednesday which leaves me with only 2 days of waiting ^.^
    1 ❤
  • Meena_Drama_Fan 28 days ago
    same pinch , thx :)
    1 ❤
  • neptune Mar 14, 2014
    I only saw her in I Hear Your Voice and she was great there. But I've noticed many people complaining about Lee Bo Young in her other dramas (which really surprised me). Another thing is, God's Gift has also Jung Gyu Woon from History of the Salaryman as one of the main characters, so I'm like "double" curious how these two will do this time :)
    1 ❤
  • neptune Mar 13, 2014
    Yeah, so far only 6 episodes of Bride.. were broadcast but I hope the show will keep up its pace :) The "worst" thing is that I really want to start another airing drama - God's Gift - 14 Days, but I think I'll wait some time as watching too many airing dramas will be far too bad for my health >.< But I really love the time-travelling motif, especially when it's treated seriously.
    1 ❤
  • neptune Mar 12, 2014
    Haha, I expected that! Jeremy is kinda cute and crazy, but I like the actor more in Bride of the Century. Well, he is the lead there after all :) And I must tell you the show is really going better and better, I can't even wait for the next episode >.< But going back to You're Beautiful, I still don't get how could one not realize Go Mi Nam is a girl. Even leaving the appearance and behaviour apart, her voice, especially when singing, is definitely female. But I guess this is the charm of Kdramas - they can be ridiculous at some point but it doesn't discourage you from loving them :D
    1 ❤
  • neptune Mar 10, 2014
    I think that Yul Gun is a typical second male lead - handsome, always nice and helpful to the lead girl and with a painful past on top of that. I guess it was his cuteness that made me take a pity on him though :)
    Yeah, I agree, Hwang Tae Kyung is cool. I like him denying any warmer feelings for Gu Mi Nam. And I still wonder what his reaction would be if he knew he had his peaceful sleep with knocked-out Mi Nam on top of him >.< Jeremy on the other hand reminds me of the guy from To the Beautiful You (Cha Eun Gyeol), they both thought they had fallen in love with a man~ But I think Jeremy will be happy to realise he was wrong xD
    1 ❤
  • neptune Mar 9, 2014
    My heart broke at the scene when the character played by Yong Hwa waited for "Gu Mi Nam" to turn away and spot him, but she got distracted by the call and went to Hwang Tae Kyung instead. I really hope there won't be more scenes like that, it's just too pitiful :( But overall, I must admit I'm quite lucky if it comes to pairings. I usually ship the leads that do end up together ^.^ But I don't like to see the second lead suffering like in Goong or Shining Inheritance. I wish they hadn't fallen in love at all xD
    1 ❤
  • neptune Mar 9, 2014
    Haha, I know that disorder too ^^ It's pretty bad since I always have to wake up early, but well, this is something we, Drama Addicts, cannot fight or cure :D Once we enter the DramaLand, there is no way out, right? >.<<br />I already started You're Beautiful and it's very funny. But I feel sorry for Yong Hwa (again!), he's so nice and all but won't get the girl. At times like this I think that maybe it's good that in Marry Him if You Dare he wasn't overtly rejected (I still prefer Kim Shin though)..
    1 ❤
  • neptune Mar 6, 2014
    I know that pain when you have to put drama-watching aside for some time.. I myself had a nearly month-long hiatus not so long ago. But I wish you luck on your exams! ^.^
    I looked into the dramas you mentioned. From "You're All Surrounded" I'm only familiar with Lee Seung Gi - I know he is very capable, I'll wait for a more detailed synopsis although I'm nearly sure I'll give it a try :)Hope the leading lady will be a strong character to support Lee Seoung Gi :D I somehow missed the announcement of "Angel Eyes" but when I read the description it seems interesting and quite fresh. I've never seen Jan Di (I think everyone calls her that ^^ ) in any other role so I'm curious as to how well can she do in a melodrama. Well, seems like my free time is going to be carefully planned and scheduled soon... Or it will be my sleep that will suffer... =_=
    As for "The Bride of the Century" it started decently and I feel like it's going to get better and better. The heroine may be sometimes annoying but she and Lee Hong Ki look good together :) Lee Hong Ki may not look arrogant at all but he is ok for me and I like his voice :D
    2 ❤
  • neptune Mar 5, 2014
    Be sure to recommend me more! :) I remember you having You're Beautiful on your "all time favourite" list and I'm thinking of giving it a shot soon :D
    Lately I started watching some airing dramas - Emergency Couple, Beyond the Clouds and even Bride of the Century. The first one is cute and refreshing, a typical rom-com, but very enjoyable. And I fell for Choi Jin Hyuk the moment I saw him on the screen! ^.^
    Beyond the Clouds is indeed similar to Secret plot- and romance-wise but somehow it gives off a different feeling and I do not find myself comparing the two every time I watch it. I know that you liked Secret very much and I think you would immediately get hooked by this one as well :)
    But I'm beginning to regret watching currently airing dramas, I'm too anxious waiting for the new episodes to come out xD
    1 ❤


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