I decided to rewrite this.  Not to much to say about myself other than I am older than most people on MDL or so I think. I'm married.  I started watching anime and drama's in 2007.  I finally got my husband watching some things, he LOVES Running Man, so that is our weekly thing.  Other than drama's I LOVE music, all different types, and I like a lot more than what i am about to share.  My fav's:

Music-Korean:                            Japanese:                                 Non-Asian:
Big Bang                                       X-Japan                                     Tori Amos 
SHINee                                         Miyavi                                       Adele
Lee Hi                                          Acid Black Cherry                       Led Zepplin    
FTIsland                                       The Gazette                              Madonna
ALi                                               Flumpool                                   Pink
2NE1                                            KAT-TUN(With Jin)                     Dishwalla
Infinite H                                                                                      Tracy Chapman
Shin Hye Sung                                                                               Elton John
Exo-K                                                                                           Deftones
Boohwal                                                                                       Chicago
LeeSSang                                                                                     Jack Johnson
Kim Sung Kyu                                                                               Green Day
Kris Leone                                                                                    Ozzy
Sistar                                                                                          Red Hot Chili Peppers
Tablo/epik High                                                                           And way to many more.
And lots more...

Favorite Drama's Other than top 5:                      Variety:
Time Between Dog and Wolf                                   Running Man
Chuno                                                                    Immortal Song 2
A Tree With Deep Roots                                          Shinhwa Broadcast
Warrior Baek Dong Soo                                            Hello Baby(MBLAQ,SHINee,Suju&Sistar;,B1A4)
Bloody Monday 1&2
God's Quiz 1,2, & 3
Vampire Prosecutor 1&2
Special Affairs Team TEN
7th Grade Civil Servant

Actors & Actresses:
Unlike most drama watchers and fans here at MDL I rarely remember names, but I do remember faces and if I liked them or not.. so other than my top 5 there aren't to many that I remember.. four actually, and that is sad so I won't list them.  One female is on my black list, I never want to suffer thru something with her in it again and that is  Jung So Min.

If there is anything else you would like to know, ask.  And if you read all that, thank you, and you must have been bored.


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  • DragonAlien Mar 17, 2014
    Oh well, thank you for accepting. :-P I'm not that much into variety shows, I don't like them but I have watched some Korean shows and they were pretty interesting- We got married, and a lot of shows where band SS501 were participating. It's all because I love Kim Hyun Joong. B-) And for music, I listen rock and electronic music so I love some Japanese DJs, they are really amazing, and I love music from Korean dramas, ballads especially. I know that everybody loves k-pop and j-pop and some bands have good songs but generally I'm not into that. :-P Hope to have nice chats with you about dramas and actors from Asia. Enjoy. :-*
  • Sterl-z Feb 19, 2014
    Thank you for posting the Park Ji-yoon video! I hadn't heard it and I'm really liking it!!

    Thanks Again!
  • Tattoo Dec 2, 2013
    Hehehe, I am 37! So I was right :') Pleasure to meet you, Phoenix :)
  • Tattoo Dec 2, 2013
    Heya. Thank you for accepting. Wonder if you're really older than I am. I was willing to bet that I was the eldest in here :p
  • arashi84 Sep 10, 2013
    Way too lazy to search for them now but I keep it in mind ^^.
    Never heard of Immortal Songs 2, but a show about music sounds interesting. Especially if it's with humour. And Running Man seems to be quite popular, several people recommended it to me.
  • arashi84 Sep 10, 2013
    Actually I've just started to watch variety shows because for a long time I was never interested in them. I've watched 'We got married' but only most of the Lettuce and half of the Goguma Couple, and I want to see the Adam Couple. I like those funny couples :). So I continued with the Lettuce Couple today and there are not many episodes left.
    Now I'm thinking of watching Running Man (for Song Joong Ki's sake).
    What variety shows do you like?

    I guess I just have to wait, then I will see. Doesn't really matter because I will start watching it after it's finished. I like it better if I don't have to wait for the next episode ^^.
  • arashi84 Sep 9, 2013
    Thank you :). I was watching Big before, but I don't feel like that now. But a variety show that's a pretty good idea! So I think I'll try this out before continuing Big.
    Also thanks for the request!

    You plan to watch Future Selection? I thought about it too. Do you know by chance if the cast is confirmed?
  • arashi84 Sep 9, 2013
    Yeah, I understand that. I had also to pause and cried a lot. And today I'm still agitated about it. Just need a little time before watching something else again.
  • arashi84 Sep 8, 2013
    Oh that's also a wonderful song. I really like her lyrics.

    Earlier that evening I watched 'The Crucible' and was really shaken by it. I also saw it on your list. It was hard to watch. That's a heavy and shocking story, all the more that it's about real events.
  • arashi84 Sep 7, 2013
    She has a beautiful voice. My fav song (from those I've heard so far) is 'This Time'.
  • arashi84 Sep 7, 2013
    I don't know a lot of people who know Tracy Chapman, so I was interested.
  • arashi84 Sep 6, 2013
    *lol* "And if you read all that, thank you, and you must have been bored" <- Loved that XD. Yeah, maybe I am, but thanks for making me laugh ^^.
  • tvxqjung Apr 23, 2013
    Thanks! Most dramas on my on-hold list are actually in there because I forgot what episode I was in, or something interesting came up. I'll make sure to watch those 6 dramas as everyone around me also recommended it.
  • tvxqjung Apr 23, 2013
    Hello! Uhmm, you mentioned on a post that there are few dramas in my on-hold list that are worth watching. What are these? Thanks very much!
  • SakuraDanielle Apr 21, 2013
    Ah lol I was looking through your list and started laughing when I seen you dropped Will it snow on Christmas at ep 4. I had too. I forced myself to finish it almost 6 months later.

    Oh I think you need a movie day. Some of your list that is to watch I love. The movies Blind and Chilling Romance I enjoyed quite a bit the first time I watched them. You had a few others I thought were good to but they were all movies.


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