(9.5-10.0) = Daebak! (My favourites. Worth re-watching again and again.)

(8.5-9.0) = Loved it. (I might re-watch it again someday.)

(7.5-8.0) = Overall, I enjoyed it. (I'll re-watch my favourite scenes, and probably skip the rest).

(6.5-7.0) = It was okay. Had some good parts. (I likely will never re-watch it.)

(6.0 or less) = (Dropped)

Some of my favourite tropes are 'enemies become lovers', 'gender bender', 'noona romance', and 'slice of life'.

My first love was manga (I collected Hana Yori Dango tankobon long ago).  My second love was chinese action movies (Jet Li <3).  And my third love was British period dramas (Mr. Darcy!).  Naturally, it was fated that I would discover Asian dramas eventually...

In 2013, my best friend discovered a Korean adaptation of Hana Yori Dango on Netflix one day, and she soon got hooked into kdramas.  She then proceeded to try for months to get me to watch them with her, to no avail.  One day however, she told me about a gender-bender called You're Beautiful that sounded really interesting, so I gave it shot.  And then she recommended Secret Garden, which I also marathoned.  Seeking another gender-bender, I discovered Coffee Prince and fell totally and completely in love with it.  By that point, I was now hooked as well.

But... It wasn't sufficient for her that I only had a kdrama addiction, so she decided that I should also get into kpop as well (damn her, lol), so she sent me links to some Big Bang MVs (so pretty!). I then watched a BB documentary and fell for them, and started checking out other kpop MVs and fell for DBSK, then BTS (go Army!), then SHINee, then Infinite, and so on.  And well... the rest is history as they say.  (I'm saving up for a trip to SK already.  Gotta plan for one of those fanmeetings one day, right?)

When I first started watching kdramas, because everything was so new and fresh I tended to rate every show very highly as "..The best thing ever! 10/10! Yay!"  But now that I'm a couple of years into it, I'm started to go back and re-rate shows with a more critical eye.  (Who knows, I might even start writing detailed reviews someday soon.)  So if I have 'friended' you on here, it's because we have similar tastes and/or you like shows I'm interested in, so I'm curious about what you're watching too.  I hope you feel the same about me as well.  Please don't mind if I don't talk much, as I'm a very shy quiet person.

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