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Both heroes are charismatic, and both of them are Robin Hood type. a hero fighting against the selfish and corrupt government to save the ordinary peasants.
Recommended by catch_me
Got a serious case of second lead syndrome? Cure it by watching this second lead get the girl. This is another Hong Sister drama and it is delightful.
Recommended by Sam-I-Am
Both historical dramas about RobinHood-ish protagonists.
Recommended by hmyr
Hong gil dong is the son of a wealthy man, but he is the leader of a band of thieves that stops political corruption.
Recommended by Mary28
Both shows are about a legendary historical figure fighting for the good of the people against corrupt officials. Along the way, both of them fall for spirited, inspiring young women. Both include heaps of romance, action, tragedy, and beauty. I would say both of them are just great stories in general.
Recommended by Emily
It is also a rom-com historical drama, but contains more actions. The main girl here also surrounds a birth secret that she does not know of until the romances between the three main characters develop (the other one is a second male lead played by Jang Geun Suk). In LITM, it is Byung Yeon who finds out Ra On's true identity, but in HGD, it is Lee Chang Hwi (played by Jang Geun Suk) who finds the true identity of the main girl. Hong Gil Dong may not be a crown prince, but he is a illegitimate son of a high rank minister. Also, the main girl played by Sung Yu Ri knows martial arts and can beat most of the men she fights. She is a cute strong-willed girl who is free-hearted to all the people she meets.
Recommended by sweetdream
I found the two series relatively similar, the men are strong fighters, you cry your eyes out watching random scenes (either because you cringe for the bad acting or fangirl over touching that man's perfect body), as always the main girl is annoying, stubborn as a mule and won't take no for an answer. The perfect nosy woman that people like for no apparent reason.

The difference between the two of them is the fact that Suzy can't act and Jang Geun Suk is cutter than Lee Seung Gi.

Conclusion?! Just watch Hong Gil Dong it's actually much much better..
Recommended by claudya87
they both have opposite male characters. It's interesting that both of them love the same woman and try to protect her in their own way. But, Warrior Baek Dong Soo deals with friendship and political power struggles while Hong Gil Dong with rightness and beliefs.
Recommended by mz4jun
Hong Gil Dong is the father-figure of Jeon Woo-Chi
Recommended by palak
Both stories revolve around heroes who evolved into the roles from being really pathetic jerks in the beginning. The romance is pretty flat in both stories and is replaced by a greater cause than the hero's personal needs.
Recommended by Deiubeloved
Both are the stories about Hong Gil Dong. Main character fights for the poor and opressed while stealing from the rich.
Recommended by kurpira
Although The Princess' Man is more serious and intense, Hong Gil Dong also features a really great love story in the plot. They are both Sauguk/Historical dramas where the action speeds up as the episodes progress and both very well written.
Recommended by Jeaniessi
This is another period drama that involves a new and uprising generation of feudal families that are forced to make difficult decisions that war with their conscience. Also there are hidden birth secrets that change the pathways of the main characters as well as "Robin Hood" types feuding with tyrannical leaders. Both have a decent amount of humor, but turn serious in the end addressing more weighty matters, and both involve kick-butt women and decent amount of fighting scenes.
Recommended by azndrama