Eternal Love Episode 11

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Apr 2, 2017

ep 11 spoilers ahead

1.We open to Dijun who discovers Fengjiu sleeping in the cellar of Kunlan mountain. I am not sure if the bell rang or if he is just good at finding things. Probably the latter. Anyways he uses his magic to wake her up.

2.Fengjiu (unsurprisingly) wakes up the way one might expect a kid to wake up. She doesn't seem at all uncomfortable to see Dijun (everyone usually is) but surprised. She asks if the bell rang, he instead holds up the scroll BQ left and asks her several questions.

3.FJ (I think showing how simple she is) explains she followed her aunt (women are usually taught to be more virtuous; I am not sure if it is because of her character or if it is because she is a fox, but she talks to him like he is a normal person, not like he is the former god emperor) and while she isn't sure how much time passed, she remembers that it was a magical document. DH stares at her intently before saying it is a document concealing a powerful spell. He asks if her aunt is related to Kunlan Mountain, because why would she come here and how come she came by such an important spell for sealing the bell?

4.FJ does not make eye contact and is a bad liar--she clearly knows something--but refuses to tell him the truth and lies. She is a good niece and very loyal to her aunt (in the novel they are described as best friends, essentially)

5.She continues to follow DH until he finally asks her if she is going to keep following him She explains like she is delivering a carefully thought out formal speech--basically Phoenix god taught her that you must repay a debt, and that since he has saved her life she thought carefully about it and will be proactive (exact quote) and and pay him back. I assume she is trying to address DH in a way that appeals to his sense of reason. Somehow I think she fails.

6.In the novels DH is described as being the kind of person who takes a strange delight in tormenting others because he is bored i.e. pushing someone until they cry. It is not surprising then that his behavior is written to make her uncomfortable. He takes a step closer, invading her personal space, and asks innocently, 'how do you intend to repay me?' she answers she does not know.

7.Li Jing walks by and interrupts the scene. DH remarks that Kunlan mountain has never been this active. Li Jing bows and remarks that Kunlan is not as grand as it once was. DH kind of appears amused before walking by him (this scene is especially cute because FJ hides behind him and pokes her head from behind him) and literally scuttles (i don't know how else to describe her walk, because DH moves so gracefully and yet she kind of...scampers) after him.

8.Si Ming is at the entrance of Kunlan and DH casually tosses the scroll to him before staring off to the horizon like a statue while FJ hides behind a pillar and eavesdrops. DH explains that he has just learned that every 70000 years the bell must be re sealed. FJ eventually comes from her hiding place and gets permission from DH to introduce herself. She happily introduces herself and she and Si Ming seem to strike it off very well. Si Ming immediately warms up to her and they start to gossip like two kids.

9. I personally think this might be the earliest sign of DH showing some interest (not romantic, more like awareness) in Fj because he seems a tad irritated, but I could just be reading to much into it. DH is extremely cold. He orders them to follow him. Since he did not specify who, it is assumed that FJ follow him as well. During this walk, (and this is so adorable) FJ happily gossips with Si Ming, again her character deliberately moves/talks like a kid, probably the directors way of emphasizing her youth (despite her appearance she is essentially supposed to be a 'cub' or a child in the novels at this point. i interpret her as being a teen) while DH walks much farther ahead at a brisk pace (maybe he wants to escape these two idiots). She learns that the snake spirit is at the palace, and that her aunt is now marrying the crown prince because of the second prince falling in love with her aunt's maid. She puts on bambi eyes to manipulate Si Ming to sneak her into the court (I love her shameless manipulation of her looks) to confront snake spirit.

10.FJ pulls a sword on the snake girl, who is already quite injured. Before she can do anything DH intervenes and chastises her for insulting the sea king (2nd prince was demoted) and then proceeds to ask snake girl some questions. She is loyal, and does not reveal any information. DH watches FJ closely who again refuses to make eye contact. Her shady behavior all but confirms his thoughts that Bq is connected to Kunlan.

11. We now look at BQ who attracts the interest of the golden lion (Cuang Cuang's fearsome mount who spits hell fire). The golden lion has essentially been terrorizing the mountain (Junji?) and no one goes into these woods. Recall this is the same wood where FJ strayed in and was rescued by DH. the golden lion is very powerful, and he runs from DH because he is too strong but the golden lion is strong enough to battle Ye Hua, who is also very strong. He is going to kill her but instead is drawn into battle with Ye Hua. Ye Hua shows his form to humans because the golden lion is destroying a market (he is not supposed to show his form). After destroying a village market, he is believed to have killed the lion (Ye Hua's monster form is that of a black dragon) (much sexier than DH, whose form, I believe, is a rock, according to the novels)

12.FJ tries to follow DH into Taichen Palace, but is stopped by guards. Based on her internal monologue her next plan is to break into Taichen palace.

13.BQ rescues an injured Ye Hua who has taken the form of a snake. He recognizes her back as Su Yin but is confused because she is a woman. He sees she has the artifact, the fan (something that will create a number of conflicts in the future) and is confused because she is a mortal.

14.Another important conflict surfaces: the celestial king is no longer receiving the respect of the other tribes who do not attend court. He is trying to figure out how to regain their respect. His two sons have no plan to help the king, but Su Jin (who is quite smart; you have to be in order to be a villain in these shows) has a plan. She wants to be the emperor's side consort because she can stir up respect as her family died for the celestial tribe. When I first saw this I thought she was being loyal and using it as an opportunity to serve her own needs. In retrospect, she was probably just being opportunistic. She appears to succeed.

15.Ye Hua continues to allow BQ to 'help him' but it is apparent that she is not helpful at all, using useless medicine on him and forcing him to eat raw meat. She kisses him and he is shocked, and eats the meat to avoid being kissed again (how cute! how rare for a male lead to be so chaste!) BQ is adorable as she talks to the snake as if he were people.

16. BQ goes to market and is about to take cover because it is going to rain. In a hilarious scene we see the rain goddess, who at that very moment is lamenting how she has never met the crown prince. Ye Hua appears and tells her not to work today. BQ gets to market and encounters an extremely corrupt priest who recognizes her fan as something precious and insists that she stole it from him. Him being a priest and well known, her being a stranger, and a woman, well, naturally everyone sides with this jerk.

Side Note
-Following the Su Yin arc, I like the Su Su arc (Su Su is the name Ye Hua eventually gives BQ, I apologize for that spoiler) the best because of BQ's vulnerability, and because she endures some truly painful trials. However I think the arc AFTER Su Su is her best acting because that kind of character is much more subtle, and she nails it--I hope I am fairly summarizing this because I prefer the DH/FJ storyline the most, as is evident by my summaries.

I gave this episode a 9.5 because I think a 10 would mean I am glued to the screen, never looking away.

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