Eternal Love Episode 10

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Apr 2, 2017

ep 10 spoilers ahead

The majority of this episode is divided between Ye Hua and BQ, with subplots including Xuan Nu, the second prince, and Fengjiu.

1.Ye Hua continues to obediently follow the orders of the celestial emperor. He continues to show little, if no, emotion and projects the image of someone who is cold and severe. Su Jing greatly desires to become his side concubine but is unfortunately met with resistance by Ye Hua who has no interest in her and appears to deeply dislike her (I am not sure if he genuinely dislikes her or if he is merely doing this so she leaves him be. If he does genuinely dislike her that is a bit cold considering they grew up together)

2.Second Prince and his new love interest, the snake that BQ rescued, are bravely prepared for the rocky road ahead. Second prince deserves a great deal of respect in that he is not only rejecting the future his father has laid out for him, but by choosing to follow his heart he is breaking his father's heart.

3.Si Jin is clearly told by her adopted mother that while she cares for her like a daughter, Ye Hua is the crown prince and with that comes certain obligations. She lacks power--i.e., people respect what her parents did but she can't bring anything to such a marriage and so Ye Hua will marry someone who can increase the celestial tribe's power.

4.Fenjiu gets into a great deal of mischief and cleverly visits the earth deity (he looks like father time) on the beach. Because he saw her travelling in the company of Dong Hua, he readily accepts her pack of lies that Dong Hua sent her to replace the bell with a jade flute she is carrying. Fengjiu looks especially guilty and anyone who is familiar with her mannerisms would know she looks that way when she is about to cause trouble and is especially pleased with herself for coming up with such a great idea (a lovable airhead because most people would see through these lies because of her body language; she is easy to read). I admire her impulsive (because her behavior could potentially arouse the anger of the most powerful god in existence, DH) and impetuous (who else would do something like this?) behavior.

5.Meanwhile BQ is preparing to re-seal Cuang Cuang (previous ghost king). She gets what many of us in the Americas would call 'shit faced', drinking a ton of wine in the cellars of Kunlan and recalling her memories of Mo Yuan and how he has saved her many times. I think this is to imply she owes him to the point that she can probably never really pay him back, but the least she can do is re-seal Cuang Cuang.

6.Fengjiu arrives, and BQ turns her into a fox (this is also BQ's birthday by the way) for following her and also to punish her. She recognizes the bell as belonging to Dong Hua and because she knows her niece best, she knows she has caused some kind of trouble. But she has a job to do so she lays a scroll on the table and tells her to pass it on to someone trusted in case she should not return tonight, then she places a spell on her that makes her sleep for 3 days.

7.BQ seals Cuang Cuang into the bell but he is extremely powerful, and after sealing the bell BQ is weakened greatly (who knows how much cultivation this cost). Cuang Cuang places a powerful curse on her: she will be sent to the mortal realm, where her memories and powers will be sealed, and here she will live out the hardships of a human life.

8.Perhaps because the bell destabilizes thing it sends out unstable energy and so the weather changes and it seems like something bad will happen. Dong Hua leaves his home to address this, but when he arrives, the bell has been sealed. he learns from the earth deity about FJ's mischief (it is kind of funny that he accepts the flute without even turning to look at the deity, again reaffirming that he really does not pay attention to people) and smiles slightly, because he knows immediately who has caused mischief.

9. BQ awakens in the mortal realm, conveniently near an abandoned hut (this ONLY happens in a soap opera) and she has no memories (this is the second case of amnesia in the show. the first is Ye Hua, who was sealed in the lotus, being unable to recall Su Yin) . She sees her face for the first time when she looks in an old mirror, so she doesn't even know what she looks like! Cuang Cuang is a very powerful being (I think he is a ghoul in the novel, but I might be wrong. i still need to read the novel)

---I did not do summaries for these earlier episodes. But because this is my second time watching Eternal Love I hope these summaries are more coherent. I will clean up my other summaries. I think it is a testament to the clever writing of the show and good acting that my feelings are still stirred up when watching it--

I gave this episode a 9 because there were times, even when I first watched the show, that I did not pay attention because it dragged a little. That is the weird thing about this show. It drags for maybe a minute here, five minutes there.

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