Eternal Love Episode 15

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Apr 2, 2017


1.This episode we see Si Jin use her wedding with emperor to organize a trip to visit the tribes that are currently ignoring the emperor. She cleverly explains that her reason is to inspire their support, and she cleverly suggests that YH go with her...

2.Li Xuan Nu gives ghost princess the ghost seal after she leaves she turns a bit crazy and vows that once his sister betrays him (by freeing his brother) he will finally turn to her (she is desperate and out of touch with reality)

3.Ghost princess considers what to do with the seal. The lion explains that Li Jing is stable even if her father returned things would be hard (meanwhile Xuan Nu uses magic to look like BQ, I think)

4.FJ! DH! She sees him in the garden, goes up to him, and confesses that while she is there to repay him she also realized she is in love with. He turns around, and you see the emperor and YH's cousin. Not only does DH seem to care, he looks amused and asks her if she is done. She says yes. Then he asks her if she is leaving. Embarrassed (i feel her pain) she runs off. DH reveals that she is the princess of Quian Quian (sorry I know this is spelled wrong) and otherwise seems indifferent to FJ.

5.YH leaps out of bed. The house is on fire. YH immediately asks what she did wrong. She admits she tried to cook chicken in spite of the fact that they agreed she would not cook (this is too funny). She tries to grab their wedding outfits but he stops her. She is strangely calm as their house burns down. YH asks her where she wants to live, and she says here. He covers her eyes and uses magic to fix it (awwww!). Su Su is naturally surprised but handles the news well. She asks if he is a monster and if he is the golden lion. She is a little scared but then says no matter what kind of monster he is (including the raping kind) she still loves him (god bless her i would not stand by the raping kind of monster).

6.YH continues to lie and explains that he is a mortal who cultivated a lot.(i feel like everything she says and does just makes him love her more. )

7.DH visits Xiwu palace with the emperor to visit YH (presumably because of the trip Si Jun has planned). They are greeted with the excuse that he is ill and recovering. Third prince tries to buy time. But with DH there it is kind of impossible to avoid seeing him. DH is very skeptical of his injuries but third prince smartly replies the injuries are not serious or light. Down in the mortal realm YH is hunting while Su Su gathers some mushrooms He suddenly disappears. (This I would say is the beginning of their blissful life as newlyweds ending).

8. In heaven YH goes outside and greets his grandfather and DH. Meanwhile (this is so sad!) poor Su Su is clinging to his bow and arrow looking like a lost child, scared and wondering where she is. I feel so bad for her!

9.YH does a good job of keeping his cool, but he makes eye contact with third prince and some sort of mutual understanding passes between them. YH explains himself to the emperor's satisfaction. (I just noticed that I really like how DH sits...and that is utterly irrelevant to this scene's description. Apologies.)

10. YH takes the time to point out he is not losing himself with women, has worked hard, and would like to delay marrying BQ. His grandpa suspects he is hiding something, however DH said it would not be unreasonable to wait and YH is adamant is hiding nothing. Gramps takes the time to explain that because his second son, whom he loved the most, was such a failure he better not mess up, basically, especially because of women (2nd prince, as we all know, failed abyssmally in his filial duty because of a woman).

11.DH quips that focusing on the bridal procession so soon would lead the fox king to think (basically) that YH has a serious illness (like mental health or STD, I think). YH presents the fan artifact and explains he has been investigating it in order to see if he can locate Mo Yuan's body. The emperor gives him permission to keep investigating. He also addresses the matter of Si Jin and addressing the issue of the mermaid clans intent to rebel (mermaid clan was a lot prettier in Ice Fantasy....) This will create a problem for YH as time moves differently in the time he takes care of this years would have paassed on earth.

poor Su Su.

12.Third prince lectures YH on the stupidity of him falling in love with a mortal but he will help because he feels like its his fault now that he has to marry BQ (another misunderstanding since BQ is Su Su). Third prince warns him that if his father finds out Su Su will suffer the most and be in a situation where she cannot live or die.

13.Si Jin is sneaking around outside, looking as miserable as ever. Su Su continues to look for YH (I feel SO BAD FOR HER. She has no idea what she has gotten involved with).

14.I really don't understand how/why Si Jin could love YH. I mean, Xuan Nu at least had a little of Li Jing's interest early on. FJ at least enjoys a splinter of DH's attention. But YH literally treats her like she is a disease. She a masochist? Clearly a case of straight up obsession.

15.Now that the word is out about FJ's identity, the maids all apologize and sweeten up to her. She is uncomfortable and insists that she wants to continue as things were. Dijun sent orders that she be moved because of her status but she flat out refuses and runs off to tell Dijun directly.

16.DH is drinking tea when FJ appears, and explains that because she is paying a debt she wants to be a maid. He says he won't stop her, and she thanks him. He questions her motive again and asks how she will repay him. He says that as a maid it will take her 100000 years. She asks if he has a wish she can fulfill. He makes a ridiculous request: he wants to return Mo Yuan a favor for giving him a tea set. His goal seems to be seeing if she will tell him the location of Mo Yuan. She is clearly grappling with this and he is watching her closely, and even though it is obvious she is lying, she refuses to tell him the truth and asks for another wish. Then he directly asks that she explain how BQ is related to Kunlan. She lies again. He then asks about the Jade purity of fan, and she lies again. To escape, she tries to wash his beloved tea cup....he is amused and smiles, and then YH's cousin runs into her and she breaks his precious cup!!!

Now she owes him more favors! DH comes out and adds the teacup to the debt. FJ worries she will never become cleared of this debt.

--More evidence that DH likes her. Because he never pays attention to people. You might argue that he is just keeping her around for amusement, and that is likely true. But I think it is a good sign for team FJ/DH.

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