Eternal Love Episode 16

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Apr 3, 2017

ep 16 spoilers ahead

When we last left the show, FJ experienced the humiliation of having her confession heard by the emperor and dismissed (basically) by DH. Su Su was frantically searching fro YH. YH was trying to figure out how to deal with all of his responsibilities and be with Su Su.

1.Our episode opens to ghost princess finding her brother. He believes she is there to kill him; she embraces him and says she is there to save him. Li Yuan, always ruthless, sees his opportunity. Li jing awakens to Xuan Nu in his arms. He is an ENORMOUS JERK and immediately wonders where A-Yin is in the presence of his wife.Times like this make me really hate Li Jing. He is unnecessarily cruel to Xuan Nu.

2. Now Li Jing learns about the seal and the princess using it to release his elder brother. He immediately goes back to Xuan Nu and confronts her. She explains she gave it because she asked. I don't think Xuan Nu thought about or cared to think about the consequences. Her whole universe is Li Jing. Li Jing insists they handle this secretly.

3.Meanwhile YH is waiting for 3rd prince so he can sneak out to see Su Su. After confirming Si Jin is gone they give orders that no one is to enter unless YH grants permission. His lies are about as stable as a house of cards at this point.

4.Si Jin makes an appearance (of course) and wants to see YH. 3rd prince must figure out how to turn her away. As the king's consort she has a bit of power now. She tries to pressure the guards. She suspects he isn't there (correct) until 3rd prince dims the lights. Since Si Jin knows YH, this treatment isn't shocking.

5.YH finds poor Su Su hugging his bow, sleeping in te woods. She wakes up and runs into his arms, very upset (YH, look what you did! how could you!) and YH clearly feels bad. Apparently he was gone for 1/2 a year!! He wants her to drop it, but how could he expect her to do this. He says 'it's my bad..' that has to be a translation error. YH won't tell her anything, and she doesn't push, but the implication is he had to take care of something really important (I would have been enraged if he left me for 1/2 a year. Su Su clearly is above humans for not getting mad--most women would not tolerate this level of b.s.)

6. Now he's going to leave for 2 years. YH can't handle her sad face and so he gives her a 2-way mirror to communicate (this will lbe a headache in the future and the source of more misunderstandings) He asks if she would be with him if he had nothing, and she laughs because he already has nothing. Of course she would be happy. Here are the beginnings of YH's plan to give up being the crown prince (and this will cause so many headaches in the future. you can't run from responsibility)

7.YH shares that he is going to give it up. During battle with the mermaid clan he is going to trick everyone into thinking he is dead (how can this work when a celestial phenomenon occurs when someone dies? who knows. he is not thinking clearly) I have always thought this was a doomed plan. It is the kind of scheme born from desperation.

8.3rd prince can't talk him out of it. He is in too deep to back out so he is going to help him. But he clearly think sthat YH is a couple cards short of a full hand. As in crazy) After Si Jin pays her respects to her fallen tribe the generals express enthusiasm at seeing YH. He seeks their support against the mermaid clan. Si Jin does her part to persuade them when they express their doubts. In spite of YH's inspiring plea it is Si Jin who succeeds in gaining their support.

9.After having a little bit of face time with Su Su YH returns home to deliver news and urges they move quickly to catch the mermaid clan off guard (a good plan but we all know he just wants to hurry up to see Su Su)

10.MEANWHILE, FJ is eating plums on the terrace and is quite drunk because of them. DH is looking for Si Ming, and she is extremely cute. And he even smiles at her as he asks her gave them to him (the fruit). She answers Chung Yu gave them to him, so he figures that plot out. She scuttles over and tries to give him some chewed on fruit, and she does some embarrassing things like hug him, rub her head into his chest, and confess her feelings. He says he knows that without her saying anything. She is like fall down drunk. He says he is an old man and she says he isn't. He explains how old he is. She doesn't seem to care. Instead she falls to the ground and asks if her age is why he dislikes her. Only FJ would dare to grab onto him bc she grabs his robe again. Meanwhile Chung Yu and Si Ming are watching this little show. She, having read mortals stories, believes Dijun will be taken in by her charm. Si Ming asks if that is how she seduced 3rd prince and she angrily says yes.

11.Dijun carries a sleeping FJ back. End episode. I think DH has shown more interest towards her than is customary for him.

-This gets a 10 for the rousing speeches in trying to gain support for war and for FJ's extremely entertaining drunken behavior around DH (love this plot device)

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