Eternal Love Episode 17

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Apr 3, 2017

ep 17 spoilers ahead

This episode dragged a bit. Essentially we see:

1.Su Su journeys with YH to the immortal realm disguised as a boy. They run into 18th by the sea, and he thinks he is looking at Su Yin until Ye Hua (who is disguised as Hua Ye...great name) explains that the guy is a 'she' and a mortal, his wife. he asks that 18th keep this a secret and he agrees

2.The sea princess takes a liking for 'Hua Ye'

3.YH and Su Su go to the peach blossoms and YH hints that he will never see his family again but doesn't explain why. He is going to lay the foundation for his 'death'. YH is basically working to force the sea king to declare war himself.

4.FJ visits DH and destroys his game of go by slamming a bucket of nuts down (she really doesn't pay attention) but DH's face--like he has come to expect this--is priceless

Not a lot happened in this episode. It fell more like filler. Also, the tents of the soldiers look like pencils.

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