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Eternal Love Episode 19

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Apr 3, 2017

ep 19 spoilers ahead

1. YH's plan (unsurprisingly) collapses and fails miserably. The mermaid king uses a powerful attack to inflict a deadly wound on his person. The understanding is that few could have survived such a direct attack.

2.Unfortunately, BQ uses this as a chance to communicated with YH. She sees everything happening to him and panics. YH drops the mirror, Su Jin picks it up. In a move that makes ZERO SENSE, the celestial king just happened to be passing by the mountains, in the rain, and noticed BQ who ran outside of the protective barrier as she was worried and wanted to help YH. This is one of the most nonsensical parts of the story. There seems to be no valid reason that the celestial emperor would be in that area.

3.The emperor is livid. He finds this mortal detestable for daring to mention the name of his son. He is also probably worried that his grandson, his last hope for an heir, is going to be snatched by a woman like second prince. Unsurprisingly, he does exactly what 3rd prince said he would--hurt her. The emperor orders her to be sealed in the pagoda of evil things. But YH's mother stands up for her because she is pregnant with her grandchild.

--let's take a moment to acknowledge First prince, who seems to never say anything at all during the series finally says a few words, begging for Su Su's life as she is pregnant--

4.How ironic, like a Greek Tragedy: they want YH to marry BQ, yet BQ is Su Su. Talk about a fatal mistake. If only they knew what she looked liked! (and that might not even help since she is mortal in their eyes). An extremely frantic, very pregnant and scared Su Su (I feel so bad for her) is locked up in a dusty palace and ignored. Stress is not good for a pregnant lady. Apparently neither is being married to the crown prince. YH should have better prepared her instead of lying.

5.We are given a rare glimpse of YH, naked from the waist up, pretty hair down--this is both a fanservice and also something unlikely to be censored since it is to bandage in injury. But then how and why they censor things seems to be deeply inconsistent and sometimes almost based purely on whim. YH is (naturally) upset that his (extremely naive and poorly constructed plan) fell through. But it was a fun plot device so I give it a thumbs up. One of the great things about this drama is the use of soooo many plot devices.

6.The celestial emperor punishes a messenger for allowing YH to be in danger. We learn that because the Lord of Numionous (or Luminous; I may have misunderstood) Treasures is arriving and this will delay the emperor from seeing YH

7. Xuan Nu (my fave antagonist) is addressing ghost soldiers who are showing unrest at Li Jing's inaction towards the celestial tribe and poor treatment of his eldest brother. She defends Li Jing (I wish he knew that for all the bad things she does, she does a lot of things to help him time and time again; I strongly thing his treatment of her has a profound impact on her character becoming more twisted//on the flip side you can argue that he shouldn't be responsible for an adult woman's actions).

8.Husband and wife are now together. Li Jing doesn't seem to hold a grudge against Xuan Nu because they are husband and wife and will not punish her for giving away the military seal (I suppose that is the best he can do). We learn that Xuan Nu is pregnant from that time they slept together when she used BQ's face. Li Jing actually seems happy and stunned at the news. This child will be the source of another subplot--one that is both sad and bittersweet. Xuan Nu is really grasping at straws as this child is now something she hopes to use to gain maybe a tiny foothold in her husband's heart; currently his kindness towards her (if any) is out of duty and obligation, nothing more.

9.YH is at death's door and continues to cough up blood. Si Jin enters the sick room unannounced and third prince gives her a sound scolding before sending her off. Meanwhile BQ is sitting alone, in a dank and dusty palace, wondering if YH is alive or dead. The servants are forbidden to talk to her and aren't exactly nice, pushing her away (she's pregnant!) But they will also get in trouble if they talk to her.

10. Probably the worse thing that could have happened happens: Si Jing gets a hold of the two-way mirror and sees a worried Su Su calling his name. This is bound to cause problems.

11. Change scene: We go to FJ who is not only shocked that her aunt has been yet again made a fool of (YH and the mortal) but she brushes off Si Ming's defense of YH through the explanation of a harem he will likely take because the fox tribe is more romantic and don't have harems. She disguises herself as a fox and tries to talk to the mortal woman but the mortal is only concerned about YH. FJ learns as servants feed Su Su some new gossip about YH (nothing new for us). FJ feels pity for the mortal and guilt for not being angry on her aunt's behalf.

12.Change Scene: Xuan Nu is taking pre-natal meds while Li Jing updates her on the situation with the mermaid tribe. He explains that he will have to go to the Lord of Numinous treasures assembly to apologize. Xuan Nu is thinking only about herself: she states these have been the happiest three days in 70000 years since marrying him. (I find this to be so sad, because this is a very true statement). Li Jing encourages her to watch her health while the medicine man hints that her pregnancy may be difficult.

13.Back to BQ/Su Su, who refuses to eat. Side thought: This is soulmates, because a soul mate would only care for their only half. She is neglecting her body, her health, because all she cares about is YH. I find this kind of love the most intense kind but, as you can see, a bit self-destructive and scary.

14.Li Jing arrives with his wife, medicine man, and his mount (can i say that their costumes are so pretty and unique given that they are the only ones who wear dark colors? YH doesn't count as his outfit is so boring). Xuan Nu pretends to be strong but once Li Jing leaves she looks really pained. It seems the child's life is in danger. the medicine man says it could be because she is not from the ghost realm, but he cannot feel its heartbeat (!). He wants her to think of her own health and basically allow him to induce a miscarriage but Xuan Nu is adamant, this baby has to live because (sadly) it is the only thing keeping her in Li Jing's thoughts (this may be karma i.e. Xuan Nu's actions in the past are now being punished in that she can't have this child, which she wants the most).

15. Li Jing's mount (the kid with red hair and pointed ears) wanders off and discovers where Su Su is. He recognizes the peach blossom scent (recall he met Su Yin/A-Yin). Meanwhile, Li Jing runs into the Lord of Numinous Treasures (hate the facial hair) at the lotus pond. A fire takes them to where Su Su is. And it isn't any normal fire, it is hell fire (the worse kind). Li Jing immediately sees his contrite mount and takes full responsibility. He puts the flames out and stumbles across the mortal Su Su and immediately thinks what most people who know BQ or Si Yin think 'I know this girl!' He takes them to his own room and Xuan Nu is shocked, immediately claiming that it isn't Su Yin. Li Jing ignores her and summons a shaman.

16.She is injured by crimson fire. Crimson fire scarring can't be healed. Xuan Nu feels relieved to learn she is mortal. Li Jing is disappointed she is mortal. Note: this injury will be important later on in the story. Side Note: Xuan Nu's satisfied /evil expressions are so great!

17. His mount apologizes and explains that he was trying to help her; that the fragrance she emitted was familiar. After lecturing the kid Su Su awakens muttering YH's name. Li Jing introduces himself and they learn that she thinks that the celestial court may be trying to kill her (a very valid conclusion). She is surprised at the kids age. I don't understand age. The kid is 70,300 years old but looks like he is 12. FJ is 30,000 years old but is like a 17-year old. Anyways, YH's mom shows up to collect her.

18.I fail to understand how Su Su violated heaven's law. I guess they don't differentiate between 'knowingly' and 'unknowingly'. At the end of the day, people with the most power can do what they want...

19. Li Jing makes it clear he is uninterested in pursuing the matter with the mortal because he came to apologize. END EPISODE.

One of the criticisms I have of this drama is the fact that the drama does not develop the other tribes nearly as well as the celestial court. Part of this is likely related to the fact that this is, at the end of the day, a love story. Great attention is paid to the celestial court but the other tribes (I think) are reduced to being so much weaker than the Celestial Tribe that they should request their assistance/need it or so evil that they should be eliminated. I would have liked to see a bit more depth. But then again, this is a love story and they do have a time crunch. I'm only listing these things as I notice them.

Either way, this episode captivated me. I give it a solid 9 for good pacing and interesting developments, and planting seeds for future plots. I did not give it a 10 because of some of the inconsistencies and less than interesting scenes (but I guess necessary) scenes with YH. I don't know why but his character only ever seems interesting when he is angry. His attempts to act with his eyes falls a little flat but he succeeds with rigid bod language to communicate emotion.

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