Eternal Love Episode 20

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Apr 3, 2017

eternal love ep 20 spoilers ahead

1.We open to YH's mom explaining some more rigid rules of the celestial tribe, essentially that a crime has been committed because (if I can recall) the elders select the marriage partners of its members. They can't go out and marry on their own, that would be selfish (I assume is part of the reasoning). And to quote the film ever after, being born into royalty brings with it specific obligations.

2.Crown prince is visited by the celestial emperor. YH's plan now is to convince everyone that Su Su is not important to him in order to protect her. He explains that he gave Su Su a child out of kindness because she helped him with his wounds after he fought the lion (I wouldn't believe this because he has never shown an interest in any woman).

3.Su Jin stands up for the mortal and ask that she be made a side consort (very smart of her--unlike other female villains in love she is playing the worse kind of villain--the 'pretend friend'. It requires a certain level of patience, plotting, and makes her difficult to confront. We all know Su Jin loves to plot and is extremely patient. Well done Su Jin for achieving a new level of low. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the viewers have encountered this kind of person; it makes my skin crawl a little).

4. The celestial emperor praises her for intelligence. She brings out the mirror as proof that YH is lying and in fact has deep feelings for her. Su Jin can read people well, but this is a no brainer; she appeals to the emperor's deepest fear, that YH could become like 2nd prince (I really admire her tactics here). She plays him like a violin, but I think the emperor is well aware of what she is doing he just doesn't care he merely wants to prevent YH from becoming like his 2nd son. The emperor probably respects her a little (I even respect her for her absolute ruthlessness to do anything to get what she wants; I couldn't do that I would get tired after a while and give up)

5.YH learns that Su Su nearly died in fire. He immediately returns home and visits his mother who is teaching Su Su etiquette. YH doesn't even look at her (!) Su Su has to bow to him and he doesn't even acknowledge her until he greets his mother. He dismisses Su Su. Poor Su Su, has been worried about him sick, and he basically treats her like another harem girl. This is a rare instant where YH (the actor playing him) is able to portray his pain in his eyes at having to put up this charade. (Let's talk about the culture shock of the man you've been living pretty simply with suddenly shows up and is truly the crown prince. his entire attitude is changed...I would be feeling awful)

6. FJ visits Dijun who watches FJ with eyes that I can only describe as 'fond'. He sets another trap for her and catches her in a lie (he is absolutely shameless in his tricks). Essentially he asks why she was at the Terrace. Seeing her unwillingness to answer, he says he heard that it it is a beautiful place to view the scenery and she seizes upon this and explains that was exactly why she was there (I imagine she is congratulating herself for being so smart and able to fool DH) Si Ming looks pained as she lies, knowing how nonsensical her answer sounds. DH orders Si Ming to keep an eye on FJ (he def. likes her come on he ignores everybody). Immediately after Si Ming explains that the terrace is a dangerous place and she realizes how dumb her lie was. The Zhuxian terrace is a place where ordinary immortals cannot use their powers (why they have this, I have no idea).

7.The Hall of Beautiful Youth is cleaned up for Su Su. BQ brings a maid from the lower realm to take care of her, hand selected to serve her. He dismisses the maids his mother selected. This seems to be his way of getting rid of spies. After dismissing the other servants he finally embraces her. He lies about being injured (the music is very good for this scene) and he sees her crimson hell fire wound that won't go away (acquired from the fire) (never say this won't come up again later...). YH promises to protect her. Su Su admits that now she knows why he wanted to keep her from his family (because they are crazy). He explains that he has to be careful and treat her coldly in front of others. He only asks she trust him (I highly doubt this plan of his will work. None of the other plans have worked).

8. Nai Nai, the maid, is very friendly and nice and loyal. However she is unfamiliar with the ways of the more formal celestial court (a pro and a con). Su Su seems very alone in her big palace (the director films her in her palace in a way that seems to emphasize the largeness of the space, how tiny she is, and alone).

9.Si Jun learns from YH's mother that the heavenly lord will not only refuse this marriage if YH asked but he won't allow the threat of a woman to mar his grandson's future as his second son became a laughingstock. She asks Si Jin to teach Su Su etiquette (oh man)

10.(Is it strange that they don't seem to care they basically committed genocide in annihilating the mermaid clan?? maybe because they are gods, they are different...) YH neglects Su Su in order to go about his prince duties. She looks so desolate and alone, and her pregnancy seems to be a bit rough. The only person caring for her is Nai Nai. Poor Su Su.

11.Change scene: We see YH has a habit of stopping by when she is asleep. To watch her sleep. He even turns invisible. I don't know why he does this. Why can't she see him when no one else knows? Odd. Si Jin presents herself as a friend to Su Su (she is so bad)

12.Change scene: The celestial tribe refuses Xuan Nu entry but allows Li Jing (they reason she is a traitor). Li Jing is there for a meeting. I include this in the summary because I find it weird that they are so unforgiving of her.

13. Change scene: Su Jin visits Su Su and calls her 'sister', cozies up to her, and then shares that YH was in love with her but he has not talked to her since she married the emperor. Then she convinces Su Su to leave Xiwu palace, even though Su Su was forbidden to leave, explaining that it will be okay as long as Si Jun is with her (uh-huh) End episode.

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