Eternal Love Episode 21

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Apr 3, 2017

ep 21 review spoilers ahead

1.We open to YH and 3rd prince speaking. YH is submerged in a pool in order to recover from his injury from the battle with the mermaid clan. 3rd prince summarizes what we know -YH has been avoiding his Su Su to protect her. The emperor appears on the stairs, and it is unclear if he has heard this talk about Su Su. YH probably senses him and changes the topic to discuss the ghost tribe.

2.Meanwhile, Su Jin and Su Su run into the demoted 2nd prince and his pregnant wife (the snake spirit). His wife stares at Su Su intently (undoubtedly because she looks like BQ). Meanwhile Nia Nia (maid; apologies I think I spelled this wrong) who is unclear of the rules obeys a message from Su Jin's servant, to bring the fan to Su Su to the Lotus pond (where the assembly is to be held). She obeys.

3.Su Su overhears the emperor lecture YH to essentially not allow any weakness in. Su Su then runs into the emperor. Su Jin makes up an excuse as to why they are there but it doesn't seem to earn her any points with the emperor. Su jin continues to maintain that she is safe. YH emerges and coldly tells Su Su to return and gives Su Jin a thinly veiled warning to stay away. Given what Li Jing has told Su Su, it seems to confirm her words that YH is angry with her. YH quietly warns Su Su to stay away from her, but with no explanation and her already feeling depressed, I doubt that will work out.

4.Change scene to FJ who plans to sneak into the assembly by pretending to be Si Ming's maid. He is shocked by her shamelessness and insists she wouldn't dare but FJ insists she will be his maid ( I adore her and her relationship with Si Ming is like that of best friends). Meanwhile 2nd prince and his wife greet the emperor who lectures him for giving up a good future to be with a woman. They implore him to forgive them.

5.A bunch of ancient looking deities are gathered at the lotus pond (how come only some deities age well and others don't? DH is probably the oldest god and he looks young) The servant girl arrives with the fan, and seeing Su Su runs towards her. Someone uses magic to make her trip (gee, I wonder who?), and the purity fan reacts, startling the phoenix that came with the Lord of Numinous Treasures.

6.Every one scatters, and unfortunately FJ is attacked after failing to dodge the bird and coughs up blood. It tries to kill her. She faints. Si Ming tries to help her. Li Jing tries to fight it off and claims it is untamed. It is YH who ultimately delivers the killing blow after some fancy sword work. He then takes custody of the fan.

7.FJ is very injured (this girl has bad luck. just read the sequel and you will see a total confirmation of this) and is carried back, unconscious to the maid chambers. DH arrives with YH's cousin and appears to be extremely pissed (Si Ming was supposed to keep an eye on her). Si Ming explains what happened. DH orders everyone out, including the medicine man, and personally sees to her injuries (!) (I cannot emphasize enough how big this is because DJ really doesn't bother with anyone or anything. Indifference is an understatement. He didn't even partake in the battle 70000 years ago b/c he couldn't be bothered)

8.Su Su is being interrogated (poor Su Su!) She explains that the fan was supposed to be a fake. The emperor is relentless--ignorance does not excuse you, he says. The maid insists she was told to bring the fan. Su Su believes she was framed. YH tells her to shut up (basically) and bows his head asking for forgiveness. (I imagine that for Su Su, unfamiliar with these politics, is utterly baffled by these games. She continues to defend herself only to be yelled at by YH again and again. Su Su doesn't understand how far these people will go to kill her/She's also never really been treated this way by YH). Si Jin uses this as an opportunity to make herself look good by standing up for Su Su but YH insists Su Su will take her own punishment (yeouch)

9.The Lord of Numinous Treasures bursts in and learns what startled the phoenix. He says that the phoenix basically suffers from PtSD after Su Yin used the Jade Purity Fan on him 70000 years ago. Nevertheless, the bird was untamed. The Lord of Numinous Treasures takes responsibility for bringing an untamed bird to the gathering. Even though the incident is let go, YH uses it to issue an order designed to protect Su Su--she is not allowed to leave her palace without his permission, but for someone as lonely and depressed as Su Su she probably views it as yet another confirmation that YH doesn't not hold her dearly (it seems like a punishment) Worse, it is extremely humiliating to be punished like that in front of so many people, especially when she knows she is innocent. Poor Su Su.

10.The Lord of Numinous treasures cautions YH to send Su Su away before she is killed by his family. Meanwhile the celestial lord has a private audience with Si Jin in order to understand why she stood up for the mortal. She essential reveals that she wants the mortal dead due to concern for YH (uh-huh) She will help the celestial lord kill Su Su if he will grant her wish to become YH's side consort. (Talk about ambitious!). The celestial lord respects her ruthlessness and believes that she is the kind of person needed by YH's side. Su Su's days are now numbered.

11.DH uses his own cultivation on FJ (this is probably unusual for him). She weakly asks how her debt would be paid. DH studies her intently. (I can just see the wheels of passion turning in his cold eyes and instead of moving forward I bet it is going in reverse)

12.The scene changes and Nai Nai is begging for forgiveness. Su Su apologizes for getting her involved in this nonsense. She also reveals her insecurity as she asks about the relationship between YH and Si Jin. She learns that they grew up together. YH later visits Su Su but she pretends to be asleep, and the gap between them continues to widen (I think YH should have taken more care with her instead of keeping her at his side and not telling her what his plans were he just expected her to blindly trust him?? come on!)

13. FJ awakens and feels guilt at causing more problems for Dijun (nevermind he chose to personally heal her). She is so weak she turns into her fox form. Dijun finds her collapsed and picks her up and carries her into his palace. His expression seems concerned.

14.The scene changes to Su Su, who finally awakens and explains to him that she has mood swings because of pregnancy and apologizes (I view this as a cry for help. Also shows she is guilty of not communicating with him but since he is thousands of years older than her, I blame him) He in turn explains that they can't be as carefree now that they are in the palace. She frees him of all blame (????) and cuddles up next to him. She makes her wish clear: she wants to go back to the way they lived on the mountain. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly clear that it is unlikely to happen. She seems so forlorn! . YH leaves her again.

15.DH continues to use his cultivation to heal FJ, who is still in her fox form. Si Ming asks if she has returned and it appears she has not and is going to be staying with Dijun now (so different from the novels!)

16.MEANWHILE Li Jing, ghost prince, learns that his older brother has succeeded in instigating a rebellion. Now he has to go take care of this. Xuan Nu picks the wrong time to throw a tantrum. In her defense...she didn't know about the rebellion. (on dramafever there is a weird 1 second cut scene that clearly did not belong here)

17.FJ meanwhile is doing great. She chooses to take full advantage of this situation and pretend she is ill to remain close to DH (can't say I wouldn't do the same). He isn't stupid. But this is an opportunity to indulge her and himself without having to answer any tough questions (basically I think they can satisfy their desires without having to confront them//physical contact without any shame). He discusses matters with Si Ming all the while petting FJ.

18.MEANWHILE we learn that the scarlet flame lion that YH supposedly killed is alive and helping the rebels O_o

I really enjoyed this episode. Every element and subplot was enough to keep me glued to the screen--Su Su's trials as well as DH actually nursing FJ all were great, and now we have a rebellion from the elder brother of the ghost tribe who has been 'missing'. What will happen next?

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