Eternal Love Episode 22

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Apr 3, 2017

episode 22 review spoilers ahead

1.After being lectured again by the emperor YH begs and receives the opportunity to redeem himself by taking care of this rebellion. At this point he needs to become crown prince to protect Su Su.

2.Si Jing picks the best time to strike. YH is focused on military affairs, naturally he is neglecting his depressed pregnant wife, and she uses the mirror she found to tearfully play out the next part of her act: she begs YH to forgive her and apologizes for breaking his heart and driving him into the arms of a mortal (essentially that he is using Su Su to make her jealous). At this very instant Su Su was going to visit YH with some medicine or soup. That doesn't happen. Because she has the other mirror and watches Si Jin's tearful display. Shocked and even more forlorn, she returns home and her maid is worried about her.

3.Things go from bad to worse. YH must have all the maids in his palace interrogated, per the order of the emperor to investigate the issue of the fan (this will leave Su Su vulnerable). He then visits Su Su who is so depressed. She can't even look at him, or answer him, when he asks if she is okay. He then tells her that he will be gone for 1/2 of the year for war. Poor Su Su. She has spent more time away from him than with him, endured all this hardship for him, and he continues to expect her to just roll over and dance to his tune? YH thinks he can do this alone but he isn't communicating with her. Also, he can't really see that Su Su is about ready to break. Instead of bidding him a safe trip, she coldly says she is unwell basically a not-so-sutbtle way of telling him to get out I don't blame her.

4.Li Jing is faced with inspiring troops who express doubt over killing one of their own. Li Jing is still their leader and they agree, perhaps grudgingly, to this war. Meanwhile Xuan Nu is doing everything she can to pressure the medicine man to use forbidden magic to keep her baby alive (more like resurrect it). he is clearly not comfortable with this and begs her not to do this, explaining that bad things will happen because it is unnatural. Poor guy. This is a classic case of damned if you, damned if you don't. Or catch 22. Take your pick.

5.FJ continues to spend time with Dijun in her fox form. (So adorable). Dijun treats her differently, and is much more affectionate. While Dijun lounges, asleep, she resumes her human form. We learn that she believes that he does not know the fox and FJ are the same (I think he knows). While looking worried, she tells the sleeping Dijun that he must think FJ ran off and she wants to repay him but doesn't know how. Probably because she is so impulsive and her feelings dictate her actions more than thoughts, she kisses him. Afterwards she is so shocked she runs away and seems to be scared and embarrassed. Dijun slowly opens his eyes, showing that he was likely awake during all of this. His expression is kind of unreadable. I don't know how to classify it.

6.FJ shyly fills Chung Ye on the 'kiss'. Chung ye believes he wasn't drunk, probably wanted it to happen, and has feelings for her (I agree). Dijun is very manipulative, after all. She is a fox again and DJ is petting her while reading. She is wondering if Dijun was pretending or not to be drunk. Dijun looks at her, almost like he can read her thoughts. She looks up at him and he immediately looks away, almost like he can't look at her or is uncomfortable. Maybe he was pretending and maybe he is now wondering what is going on in her head? Or if she knows his feelings? (a lot of people would disagree with this analysis and view him as completely unable to feel this way but I don't. obviously.)

7. (Now this really breaks my heart). The scene changes to an extremely pregnant Su Su talking to her maid. Apparently YH has been gone for quite a while and hasn't sent her a single letter! I think he is taking this into dangerous territory; his concerns for her safety are completely ignoring her feelings. FJ in fox form visits her. FJ internal monologue seems to conclude that YH is absolutely the worse, that he got her pregnant and is in love with another. Su Su says she will try and move his heart to be his number one. Because Su Su says she will practice cultivation to be immortal, FJ monologue says she will find out.

8.FJ is trying to figure out how a mortal can be immortal from Si Ming and Chung Ye. They appear to be in DH's palace, but there is no DH. Just as they begin telling her, FJ turns back into a fox bc DH has returned. He is not happy that they are in his study. Chung Ye insists they are there to play with the fox. After making up an excuse, she gives the fox to Si Ming who is petting her. DH looks at Si Ming, then at the fox he is petting, and asks if he wants to take it. (This appears to be a rare display of jealousy). Not being stupid, Si Ming quips that he has always been afraid of things with claws and puts it down before leaving (obviously implying that the 'thing' with claws is Dijun)

9.DH appears to be lost in thought as he pets her, and explains to her that for immortals there is just one lifetime (I strongly, strongly think that this is where he begins to think about becoming a mortal)

10.The fox tribe delivers a map to assist YH; Su Su tries to contact YH but there is no answer....

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I am a big fan of obstacles, characters facing trials in their relationship, and Su Su is going through a lot. At the same time FJ is struggling with her feelings for DH who appears to becoming aware of feelings for her but has done nothing to express his concern other than heal her; I think he is choosing to see what FJ will do. I don't think he is yet ready to take the big step of initiating but continues to view these feelings as 'innocent' but I think that is quickly changing--I don't think he is used to feelings like jealousy.


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Mar 12, 2017


Its so frustrating. Overtime someone appeared before 'Su Su' who could've recognized her I prayed 'pls pls pls, do recognize her! pls everything goes back to wehre it should've been and they can marry & her naiveness and fearsome character disappears' but NOOOO they only take her as a look alike. How can a mortal look like a goddess?! -_- And then this snake maid, Y?! Y didn't she just told her husband that she looks like Bai Qian?! Maybe she could've avoided her eyes taken away! I know its a drama and that is the plot to make it more dramatic and so on but ITS SO UNFAIR!!! TT^TT
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