Eternal Love Episode 29

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Apr 6, 2017

ep 29 spoilers ahead

1.The sea princess exacts a favor from YH: she would like to take care of him and A-Li for the time they are at the cabin. (May I again say that I really don't like child actors? A-Li is a zillion times better in the novel because he causes a lot of mischief without realizing it). YH agrees.

2.Next scene, FJ explains to her Aunt that she returned the lamp (now BQ is wearing cool blue, I think reflective of her personality which is supposed to be composed, smart, and understanding, while FJ wears bright red, because she is so bold and passionate).

3.The scene changes to the celestial court where we learn that BQ is making a rare appearance and visiting a sea king because a midwife there helped her mother birth her. Since her appearances are nonexistent, they are taking care to cover up lights out of respect to her sensitive eyes. Chung Ye is there and in her typical fashion continues to feel a strong affinity with BQ who the gossips say has had struggled with love (just like Chung Ye. i am extremely interested in her back story with 3rd prince).

4.Change scene to YH and A Li who plan to go to the eastern sea. Here he will presumably run into BQ, unleashing a torrent of new conflicts.

5.Back to FJ who is visited by Si Ming. He can hardly contain his excitement as he tells her she can pay her debt if she can come with him, but it will take two months (the equivalent of a lifetime in the mortal realm). Although she has been forbidden by her father to leave, when has that ever stopped her? FJ plans to sneak out while Mi Gu must struggle with the guilt of covering for her//it seems he will lie by omission he is so loyal)

6.Now we change scenes entirely. This is the mortal realm, and of course DH was born as an emperor (this would be consistent with the Chinese belief at that time that emperors had the favor of gods/ were even earth bound deities). I am not incredibly fond of his mortal look because of the beard but he still manages to be attractive (probably because I know what he really looks like//this is very shallow of me but at the same time difficult to ignore since in these dramas actors are required to be good looking, unlike in america)

7.FJ learns from Si Ming that he is here to undergo trials. Si Ming says it was his idea that this could be how she repays his kindness. (Perhaps DH's reason is something shared in confidence, and the reason why Si Ming circulates the 'cover up' explanation of being there to undergo trials. recall DH said he wanted to give FJ what she wanted i.e. himself and he could do this as a mortal)

8.FJ learns that Si Ming needs her assistance in the love trial that DH must undergo. A concubine of DH's is soon to catch a cold and die. DH it seems slept with her twice and has forgotten about her. FJ will assume her identity after she falls into a pond. her name will be Lu Chen.

9.FJ refuses to hide her flower (forehead) because her aunt said it was a good sign; Si Ming warns her that it may not be taken that way in the mortal realm. He is right. Just when her name comes up on the roster for the emperor (it seems that names get circulated on this list, and when your name is next the emperor spends the night with you. what a system. imagine if that was reversed for us ladies?) she runs into a royal consort (basically a woman with a higher rank than her in the harem) who seems to have it out for her. She refuses to let her see him because of her 'evil' flower mark.

10.FJ again tries to disguise herself as a maid (I don't know why she thought this would work. she also looks even younger because of her hair style) and fails. She also attracts the attention of the royal consort. I cannot emphasize enough that FJ was just born under an unlucky star.

11.Meanwhile, the disgraced 2nd prince visits phoenix for some peaches. It seems he and his wife, the snake girl, can't keep there hands off of one another and since this is her 5th child, they want some peaches to prevent pregnancy. I wish birth control tasted so good! Phoenix agrees. I think this was included because 2nd prince did what he wanted, and is blissfully happy, while everyone else is...miserable. Damn the rules.

12.BQ discusses with phoenix the strangeness of marrying YH, who is younger than her, and how awkward it will be.

13.YH arrives at the eastern sea, and the sea princess who earlier rescued A-Li conveniently lives here. She and her father (or is it brother?) conceive of a plan to try to seduce YH, whom she has developed feelings for (I don't get it. I don't think YH is that good looking, other than his hair. Am I alone in this?)


I gave this episode an 8.5 because I really like the interactions between FJ and her Aunt, and because FJ is finally going to have an opportunity to address her feelings with DH (even if he is mortal). I found the scenes with YH to drag a lot.

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