Eternal Love Episode 28

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Apr 4, 2017

ep 27 spoilers ahead

1.YH continues to linger somewhere between alive and dead; I mean physically he is alive and continues his duties but inside he is like a dead man.

2. Si Jin is able to gain entry into Xiwu palace (I guess these are the palaces occupied by the crown prince and his harem//) by telling YH that he could use the lamp to make a copy of Su Su by burning her belongings. Si Jin is only banned from entering the palace of beautiful youth and cannot go near A-Li.

3.YH begins burning Su Su's clothes, he plants some peach trees at her palace (palace of beautiful youth), and 300 years pas. Every day he and A-Li bow to the painting of Su Su. Monthly they visit the hut on the mountain. We learn that YH has explained to his son that one day his mother will return (presumably this is the copy he is making).

3.(I love FJ in red and I love her propensity to cause trouble. ) But this is probably the only time where I think I kind of wish she had behaved better. She steals the lamp that YH has carefully been taking care of. Her goal is innocent: she wants to help her aunt awaken MY (not unreasonable). Instead of asking like normal people, she takes it upon herself to steal it. This speaks again to her youth and impulsive behavior. The light goes out. And YH is enraged, believing first that Su Jin took it only to learn someone must have copied her appearance (guess who...?)--Her aunt forces her to return it--she doesn't get into trouble because of the importance of being on good terms with the fox tribe. However it sends YH back to square one in terms of depression.

4.YH is in a bad state. Crying. Very upset. Basically wants to die.

5.Meanwhile a monster tries to kill A-Li. A princess from the sea kingdom intervenes and saves him. She meets YH, whom she recognizes from the war with mermaid tribe as Hua Ye (worse undercover name ever)

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