Eternal Love Episode 31

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  • Aired: February 15, 2017

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Apr 6, 2017

ep 31 spoilers ahead

1.This episode opens with YH visiting Phoenix to ask some questions about BQ's memory. Phoenix lies through his teeth about this issue of her memory and eye site. YH does not push it but seems doubtful.

2.Meanwhile, Li Jing and BQ run into one another. Li Jing passionately professes that she is his A-Yin, that he loves her and hopes to occupy some part of her heart. What follows is (in my opinion, one of the best speeches of the series): BQ cooly but proudly states she is Bai Quan of Quian and tells him she will have a talk about what happened with him because of his thoughts/feelings. She walks him through what happened, beginning with his choice of Xuan Nu. She is very direct and honest as she coldly explains that he broke her heart, that she entertained naive dreams of the two of them living together. But she also explains that it never would have worked out because of who she was (her status) and that her family never would have allowed them to be together. She explains that she truly loved him and her heart was truly broken by him. Since then she has moved on, and he should to.

3.YH gains confirmation that BQ is Su Su because when she fled the eastern sea she left her blindfold. He burns it in the lamp and it in fact proves they are the same. He and 3rd prince are now trying to figure out how Su Su passed as a mortal, with no memories.

4.Meanwhile, BQ visits her brother, FJ's aunt, to deliver some wine not expecting he is home. She is essentially forced to stay and talk, and learns that her brother is well aware that his daughter has been causing headaches in her pursuit of DH. BQ covers up for FJ and explains that she will keep her at her home and take care of her (in truth she has not exactly been keeping a close eye on her; probably because no matter how bad FJ is BQ was a million times worse in her youth). BQ sneaks away when she has the chance.

5.BQ comes home and complains about YH and after that only asks where FJ is (interestingly, she affectionately calls her Xiou Jiu, a name that DH came up with and uses in pillow book)

6.Change the scene to FJ, who has a chance to be seen by the emperor--his palanquin is on its way by and a guard whispers to the emperor (who did not ask for this info) that the woman is Lady Chen who almost died. DH calls her pitiful, and OUT OF PITY says she will be the one he will sleep with tonight (I am sorry but FJ was born under an unlucky star. Even in the mortal realm it is PITY that moves DH. Poor girl).

7.She has the normal reservations of someone who has never been to bed with someone (Side Note: in the novel, while this is the same in terms of reservations, her character talks about how the fox tribe sort of thought she was odd for trying to keep herself pure for DH since they are more simple, and passionate, than the rigid celestial court. essentially i took this to mean that no one would have judged her if she had taken a lover)

8.Unfortunately, the royal consort yet again intervenes. she has a priest arrive and insist that the mark on FJ is a sign of evil. The emperor is rather annoyed with this and does nothing to punish FJ, as his consort insists, but does say he will not see her tonight (things like this truly illustrate that thing called fate, and how it is constantly working against these two...)

9.FJ decides to visit DH the mortal in his dream and learn what his deepest desire is. Because he was never successful in love (the woman, and mother of the crown prince sort of abandoned him to become a nun) he seeks someone who loves him and only him, a devoted true-love. (Side note: i thought you couldn't use magic in this world? how can she do this?). Ironically, this wish has in a way already come true because FJ already loves him 100% even though he has rejected her time and again. I think this is an expression of Dijun's trues desire, even as a god, and his biggest secret.

10.Back to BQ (I know a lot of people think these scenes are cute and nice but they are a little too cutesy for me) who is with A Li. She's had him for a while and hasn't notified YH. Anyways YH is a bit high handed and gets annoyed when she gratifies A-Li's wishes (she doesn't seem to mind, also, that he calls her mother) while he is more responsible, being the parent, and lectures her on proper eating habits.

11. The episode ends on a cliff hanger, with Mi Gu crying out in shock while YH, A-Li, and BQ turn to see what is going on,

I liked this episode because of FJ. But I am biased. So please take that under consideration. I didn't give it a 10 because some elements were a bit too cutesy, others seemed like plot holes (maybe I am confused here).

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