Eternal Love Episode 32

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  • Aired: February 15, 2017

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Apr 6, 2017

ep 32 spoilers ahead

1.The cliff hanger from last episode turns out to be Mi Gu having hurt himself. He can't cook. Neither can BQ (FJ is the best cook). YH cooks food and BQ discusses how his mortal wife must have taught him how to cook. YH finds this amusing and explains the truth.

2.18th and 16th, meanwhile, part ways. The goal seems to be to find Su Yin and MY's body.

3.YH takes it upon himself to move in with BQ and work from (her) home. She can't really turn him away because they are engaged. But she is clearly not happy with this (I find this to be kind of annoying myself).

4.16th encounters some assassins and Su Jin has convinced herself that BQ is a seductress and that is the only reason why YH is giving her the time of day. She also believes that BQ will lose YH just like the 2nd prince, and Su Jin takes it upon herself to help her out in the 'losing YH'. Su Jin knows she can't attack her head on because BQ is much stronger than Su Su. She instead decides to start out by weakening her authority. Also, the sea princess shows up seeking to serve YH. Su Jin immediately recognizes that love sick face (I really, REALLY think that the reason why so many people like YH is because there aren't many alternatives/competition. DH is said to be unemotional, MY is dead, and 3rd prince is a well known Casanova. Everyone else is too young, or too old, or spineless and no one would entertain Li Jing because he is in the ghost tribe//so odd because in the books the biggest issue is not enough women and too many men). Anyways, Su Jin sees another tool in the sea princess.

5.Su Jin' s plan was to send her maid to address the inappropriateness of YH staying there. Mi Gu replies that the celestial tribe has too many rules and sends her off. Su Jin calls the fox tribe uncivilized (as compared to the celestial tribe, who eats their own).

6.We see a descent chunk of scenes dedicated to A Li, BQ, and YH acting cutesy, like a family, which I found boring. Give me romantic, give me passion...not family scenes. But I am shameless.

I gave this episode a 7.5 because most of it dragged (I get bored with the cutesy family scenes).

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