Eternal Love Episode 33

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Mar 28, 2017

Summary 33 spoilers

A large chunk of this episode continues to follow Ye Hua, Bai Quian, and their child. Ye Hua essentially moves into Bai Quian's home. She can't really say no. I think she could use her cunning to avoid him but I believe she is attracted to him she allows him to kiss her and continues to mind the kid. At one point Ye Hua is attacked by shadow assassins and we learn gods from the East Sea have been attacked as well but no one knows why.

It is the celestial emperors birthday and Ye Hua returns home alone. Su Jin has the idea that if Bai Quian breaks it off she is gold but is concerned about reports of them spending time together. She orchestrates a plot: she invites the young cousin of Ye Hua ( the emperors grandson/second princes' son) knocks him out feeds him alcohol and then sets it up so it looks like she has been molested. She explains she fought him off but would still like to die while in the presence of the emperor and the princes. Su Jin can read people well and she knows this will anger the emperor as this grandson is his once favored second princes son. Enraged the emperor refuses to grandson and has him sent to he mortal realm to endure 60 years of hardship.

Throughout this entire 'theatrical event' Ye Hua clearly can tell this is an act ( he acts with his eyes very well) and he gives Su Jin a cold warning after he confronts her in private: he tells her she should quit while she is ahead, that he has allowed to live because she gave him the lamp and more importantly she has su su's eye.

Finally the episode turns to mortal Bai Fengjiu and mortal Dong Hua. She is summoned to Dong Hua bed chamber and he tells her that his first love and mother of the crown prince chose to be a nun after birthing their son and will not see him during her bi monthly visits. Bai Fengjui offers some uplifting advice that makes him smile and he Lyell her that her flower mark looks familiar and fascinates him and he wants to look at it constantly then he leans in to kiss her. She panics ( recall she is like a teenager in terms of age and for all purposes an inexperienced virgin) and uses the tray as a shield before fleeing in embarrassment. She also can be heard breaking his cup.

Me: I truly do not like it when dramas incorporate young actors like the son. The acting is overly cute and the story lines boring because of the child. They are using it to push the romance forward and it is a weak device. I continue to enjoy the delightfully wicked Su Jin whose obsessive love is now impacting more lives and I can't wait to see the development of Dong Hua's relationship with Bai Fengjiu. I find their romance so interesting and it has somehow eclipsed my interest in the main storyline.

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