Eternal Love Episode 35

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  • Aired: February 17, 2017

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Mar 28, 2017

Ep 35 spoilers

1. It doesn't really add up that Dong Hua is the father of the reincarnated Yi Zhen but time moves differently. It seems too convenient for me. Oh well.

2.Ye Hua with his hair down!!!! He and Bai Qian share a bed but it is innocent. She likes him a lot I gather to allow this.

3. Ye Hua gives her some protective beads and kisses her forehead after asking her to do his hair.

4.Bai Quian spends her time as Yi Zhens shifu (yawn sorry this episode really dragged for me)

5.about 15 min in Bai Quian encounters her niece who faints to avoid talking to her. She worries about being taken away and her aunt learning she used the two lives curse to stay and serve (wink) dong Hua

6. Ghost queen plans to use the elixir chamber to burn mo yuan and make a life saving drink for her son. Even her own soldiers appear disturbed by this taboo magic

7. Bai Fengjiu explains her reason for using the curse that she can love Dong Hua by day and be free of those feelings at night. She then says it is essentially a more legit form of love to love when no one is looking. I take this means she is okay with just serving Dong Hua and either no ready to commit or she has made her needs (and love) second. She also explained that she is supporting Dong Hua until he meets the woman he is to love on the fated day. Being dumber than a sack of rocks (in a cute way not annoying) she hasn't realized that the woman is her. Also probs why she hasn't slept with him.

8. Her aunt calls Don Hua lacking in goals but Bai Fengjiu defends him explaining he has never experienced true love. She also confirms he has not raped her after her aunt asks, her aunt tells her she plans to remove Yi zhen from dong huas trial of llove.
---I cannot imagine Don Hua raping anyone even as a human---
9. The Phoenix god is summoned to help a sea kings eldest son who is in a coma. The Phoenix god explains he is safe but must investigate some things first.

10.Bai Quian explains that Yu Zhen will be saved from the trial by having someone push the emperor into the water while invisible. I guess the attention will be on the emperor and not the beauty they are fated to love. Snake goddess volunteers in spite of the danger of using the spell. So the next option is second prince

11.second prince wonders if Bai Qian picked him out for of revenge for canceling the engagement FYI anyone who uses their powers in the mortal realm will get in big trouble. His wife talks him out of this way of thinking. He goes to see Bai Quian and remarks on he resemblance to Si Yin ( how has none figured this out yet?)

12, Don Hua is watching some dancers ( I miss his god form....) and Bai Fengjiu is watching Don Hua. In the brush Si Ming and Ye Hua are watching everyone else. The plan is ready to start....

13.she is able to use her power as a shifu to lure Yi Zhen away. A roc bird appears and Don Hua suspects it to be an I good or bad?

14.a woman is snatched by the bird and drops into the water. Someone invisible pushes the emperor into the water and everyone focuses on saving him. Apparently Don Hua cannot swim. Bai Fengjiu jumps in to save him. Ye Hua uses his magic to intercept Bai Quian because someone pushes her in the water.

15. We learn of course that this was si mings plan all along and he explains in a few months Bai Fengjiu will get what she wants.... I assume she will become Don hua's lover !!

16. The emperor Don Hua awakens in Bai Fengjiu arms....awwww

17.we learn that the one who pushed Bai Quian is the sea goddess princess now servin Su Jin. Su Jin is upset because while not her plan she failed. She clearly needs to get rid of her in case Ye Hua investigates. I am certain she believes everything is justified because she loves him.

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