Eternal Love Episode 4

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Apr 6, 2017

ep 4 review

1.Xuan Nu, Li Jing, and Si Yin spend a lot of time together as Xuan Nu is a friend of Si Yin and Li Jing is Si Yin's lover.

2.It soon becomes evident to the audience that Xuan Nu is bitter and jealous. She is hiding out here to avoid marrying a black bear spirit. She also has feelings for Li Jing. She is able to get Su Yin to teach her some magic that allows her to use BQ's face (I find this odd)

3.They encounter an untamed phoenix who is startled by Li Jing and Si Yin. Si Yin uses the Jade Purity fan to render it unconscious.

4.Unsurprising, she uses this face to seduce Li Jing...

--throughout all of this, MY remains in seclusion....

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