Eternal Love Episode 5

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Mar 25, 2017

ep 5 spoilers ahead

1.Si Yin catches Li jing in bed with her cousin. They beg for forgiveness. She essentially says she never wants to see them again and proceeds to get drunk. She is inconsolable, deeply upset because the man she loved just abandoned her for a cousin. She feels deeply betrayed.

2.MY finds her drinking and tries to console her.

3.LI Jing and Xuan Nu return to his home. The emperor is upset his son is bringing a member of the celestial tribe home. Xuan Nu is crafty and saves Li Jing's life by explaining that Li Jing was there to spy and they fell in love. She is allowed to marry him if she assists the ghost tribe.

4. Li Jing leaves Xuan Nu on their wedding night. The sadistic Li Yuan shows up and takes pleasure in her screams for Li Jing. She is beaten very badly. (I have always hated Li Jing for abandoning Xuan Nu like this. He is a bit fickle).

5.Xuan Nu uses her injuries as an excuse to return to Kunlan. She uses BQ's face to steal the military formations of Kunlan.-

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