Will it Snow for Christmas?



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-Both are tear-filled ROMANCE MELODRAMAS where the leads know each other for years and struggle to get maybe together
-Both have EXCELLENT main pairing with great CHEMISTRY
Recommended by JulySnow2
They have some common points (i.e. love triangles or one character come from a poor family) and their genre is the same ("Will it Snow at Christmas?" is especially melodramatic)
Recommended by Nocturna
it is a completion for the sweet love/pain drama that takes ur breath away
Recommended by robyal3geeb
Padam Padam is the better drama if you're limited on time. Though, both dramas deal with a huge mother-son relationship. The characters' lives also feel like a similar tone. All of them have problems and it deals a lot with a slice of life even though they're melodramas.
Recommended by Starlitelet
both dramas are heartbraking, but it still makes you want to watch more.
Recommended by natia1992
-Both are very angst and tear-filled ROMANCE MELODRAMAS where leads know each other for years, and struggle to overcome obstacles in order to be together
-Both feature a class difference between leads
-Both have EXCELLENT CASTING & LEAD'S CHEMISTRY and they can act too. Casting for other characters is great too (Shout out to JO MIN SOO who plays male lead's mum in WISFC, AMAZING actress!!)
-Same structure: Both love stories start out in unsatisfying way/too fast/unbelievable. DON'T be discouraged by the starts of the loves, it gets REALLY shippable/more believable later on & they have EXCELLENT chemistry. Both have an ambiguous/mini ending type of episode some eps before ending that can be seen as ending if not satisfied with real ending (ep 11/16 of WISFC and ep 16/20 of LITFC)
-Both have strong female leads

-Both very underrated dramas
-Both are very sad/emotional, and thus only recommended to those who love sad stories (NOT for everybody!)

-Both have GREAT OSTs, that supports love story really well / makes you ship them more!

-WISFC is a korean drama, while LITFC is a chinese drama (which reminds me more of a kdrama! A cdrama for those who normally don't like cdrama. Also NO dubbing over their real voices in this cdrama!)
Recommended by JulySnow2
-Both ROMANCE MELODRAMAS by the same writer with EXCELLENT leads that are perfect together, GREAT CHEMISTRY and can act (Go Soo + Han Ye Seul & So Ji Sub + Im Soo Jung !)

-Both have strong/likeable female leads who are annoying at the beginning since they have a 2nd lead/male, but grows lovable

-Allthough both dramas are good, ISILY is better (10/10!)

-ISILY has a REVENGE element, no such in WISFC
-ISILY is MUCH more heart-breaking, especially the tragic childhood/background story of the male lead
Recommended by JulySnow2