Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People



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The epic music!! And the epic story are really similar. The main lead Hong Gil Dong also played here and this was the reason why he also could land a lead role in Rebel. The story here, however, is more complex because it depicts the fall of Georyeo and the creation of Jeoseon.
Recommended by Miamoryhj
Both are historical dramas that deal with a 2nd born son who tries to avenge and find his family. Both have a fun and strong (although in Princess Man stronger) love interest.
Recommended by Lou
By far the best sageuk of 2017 (in my opinion) this focuses primarily on the common and slave classes and the corruption of the royal and noble classes. While the plots have little similarity, they are both sageuks highly reminiscent of the recent golden age of sageuks in the mid-late 2000s.
Recommended by Megan
Both give a similar feeling and main character development is kind of same.
Recommended by lattebean_
One of the main characters in both dramas is King Yeon San Gun. He is considered the worst tyrant in Joseon Dynasty.
Recommended by Aeris
Both are centered around a legendary masked heroic thief, who fights the rich and helps the poor. They are driven by revenge and a distinct sense of justice. They also have exceptionally good fighting skills. Also both involve an interesting father/son relationship as well as romance (Rebel has better romance than Iljimae imo).

However, I'd dare to say that Iljimae is a lighter watch than Rebel. Latter is more complex and involves more characters.
Recommended by Luna_
Both involve bringing justice for the people, and involve a bit of romance. Personally, both of the weak points in both of these dramas are the romance.

The two dramas have different dynamics. Emperor: Owner of the Mask involves the people & the palace versus the Pyungsoo group. Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People involves the rebels and the palace.

Both place the focus onto the main character who develops into a true leader.
Recommended by ruby
Both dramas are about unconventional heroes trying to save the people from a corrupted king, so many twists and turns, keep you guessing what will happen next.
Recommended by Rebeccaabena
Both dramas have and interesting and intriguing story, magnificent acting, as well as deep and growing characters, well-fitting music and beautiful cinematography.
Recommended by penel