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My Mister Episode 1

8.5/10 from 15 users
Mar 21, 2018
Dong Hun receives a suspicious envelope with his name written on it. He opens it to see 50,000-dollar worth of gift vouchers inside. As this is something that had ever happened to… read more

My Mister Episode 2

8.7/10 from 15 users
Mar 22, 2018
Dong Hun is questioned by the Internal Affairs. After he’s been sent home, he asks help from his brothers. It seems like a trap that has been set to get Dong Hun fired. Who and why… read more

My Mister Episode 3

9.2/10 from 12 users
Mar 28, 2018
Thanks to Ji An, Dong Hun clears his name. It still bothers him that someone, possibly the CEO, tried to get him fired. Dong Hun treats Ji An to a dinner to thank her for her help.… read more

My Mister Episode 4

9.4/10 from 12 users
Mar 29, 2018
Dong Hun gets angry at what Ji An tried to do the night before, and he tells her to resign. Dong Hun hears from Ji An that he looks the most miserable and unhappy at Saman. He feels… read more

My Mister Episode 5

9.5/10 from 10 users
Apr 04, 2018
Dong Hun looks through the call history list of Jun Yeong and notices something strange. When he finds out the location of the phone booth, he visits there to see who’s been talking… read more

My Mister Episode 6

9.7/10 from 11 users
Apr 05, 2018
Dong Hun finally realizes why Yun Hui has been offering him to quit and start his own business, and now that he’s found out, Dong Hun keeps thinking about the moments when Yun Hui… read more

My Mister Episode 7

9.7/10 from 9 users
Apr 11, 2018
Dong Hun goes to the camping site where Jun Yeong and the chairman are, which flusters Jun Yeong. Jun Yeong and Yun Hui slowly start to fall out. While Dong Hun is lost in shock, Dong… read more

My Mister Episode 8

9.7/10 from 10 users
Apr 12, 2018
Gwang Il spots Ji An drinking with Dong Hun, and it gets him intrigued. Gwang Il follows Dong Hun on his way home. Meanwhile, Wang Yeong Guk, the senior managing director, strongly… read more

My Mister Episode 9

9.8/10 from 9 users
Apr 18, 2018
Gwang Il’s friend remembers the name Park Dong Hun from the envelope he saw last time. They contact Dong Hun to keep him away from Ji An. Dong Hun also meets with the janitor who… read more

My Mister Episode 10

9.9/10 from 11 users
Apr 19, 2018
As advised by Dong Hun, Ji An applies to a sanitarium for her grandmother. On the day of her move, Dong Hun comes and helps. Jun Yeong, who has been informed of the relationship between… read more

My Mister Episode 11

9.1/10 from 12 users
Apr 25, 2018
The only thing Dong Hun didn’t want to happen was for Yun Hui to find out that Dong Hun knows about her affair with Jun Yeong. When Dong Hun learns that Yun Hui also knows, he becomes… read more

My Mister Episode 12

9.8/10 from 12 users
Apr 26, 2018
Dong Hun and Yun Hui talk all night. After a long night, Dong Hun goes to play morning soccer, but he can’t concentrate. Ji An, who has heard the overnight conversation, feels bad… read more

My Mister Episode 13

9.8/10 from 11 users
May 09, 2018
The enraged Jun Yeong meets with Ji An to give her a final warning, and Sang Tae tries his best to avert the situation. Dong Un finally finds Gi Beom and is convinced that he is the… read more

My Mister Episode 14

9.9/10 from 15 users
May 10, 2018
After Dong Hun’s interview, the rumor that Ji An has killed someone in the past is quickly spread at the office. Dong Hun realizes that Ji An has vanished and tries to find her in… read more

My Mister Episode 15

9.9/10 from 11 users
May 16, 2018
Knowing Ji An is listening, Dong Hun asks her to come back, but she doesn’t respond. Yun Hui tells Dong Hun everything that happened between her and Ji An. Yun Hui decides to help… read more

My Mister Episode 16

9.9/10 from 18 users
May 17, 2018
Before going to the police with Ji An, they visit Ji An’s grandmother. Ji An starts her investigation with Yun Hui’s help. While they are struggling to find evidence against Jun… read more