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Both have that dark and desperate feeling to them. Very realistic and wonderful characters along with excellent story telling that grips you.
Recommended by Hasumi17
If you have watched My Mister, you would definitely recognizes some familiar faces in Prison Playbook. Other than sharing some actors, the two shows also share similar gritty theme and humane stories that we all can relate to. Despite its setting, Prison Playbook is actually lighter than My Mister as it's essentially a black comedy but its emotional backstory of the casts is just as engaging the ones we see in My Mister. We can't help but root for them. However in my opinion, the biggest similarity that these two share is its messaging; Never judge a book by its cover, the importance of showing kindness regardless of who they are and that everyone deserves a second chance.
Recommended by suereya
Fmale lead in my mister remind me of Male lead in Innocent Man. Both gave me the same heartache everytime I watch them. Both actor give me similar performances vibe. dark, sadness in their eyes, and wear their best mask to hide their true self. Both are memorable character for me.
Recommended by missjb21
My Mister is definitely darker & more serious in comparison to Live, but they carry similar tones in terms of an honest, raw, and un-glamourised representation of human life. They both present people seeing humanity in others even among ugly times. Although Live is focused on life as a police officer while My Mister isn't aimed at portraying a particular career lifestyle, they both discuss the trials and tribulations of these particular characters (both with such well written and not-shallow/flat personalities, might I add) with such honesty, and aren't afraid to be ugly and disappointing. The struggles of the characters in both dramas might otherwise be written about in some inspirational self-help book, but here they are just one human's struggle. It sucks. It's not pretty. It's not there for you to conclude that life is beautiful and everything happens for a reason and happiness is there if you believe there is. They both say, no, life sucks sometimes, it gets dark and ugly, but you can make it out of your struggles alive someday.
Recommended by xitsoah
Both are about an older man and a younger woman who, through their shared connection, learn to work out their personal hurdles and become a better person.
Recommended by kura2ninja
Both deal with depression and negative emotions. Shows how a person deals with these emotions and unfortunate events.
The vibe of both works is very very very similar and at the same time satisfying.
Recommended by kiko
Both main lead actresses have dark past and both try to survive. These both dramas share family conflicts, poverty, trust issues and pain.
Recommended by kiko
Both are about Life hardships and the story takes place in a company too.
The vibes of the two drama are dark and very realistic, plus they also have complex characters in common
Recommended by Romane
They both have a similar dark vibe and story. The ambience and the feeling is alike.
However, the male lead in this drama is similar to the female lead in My Ahjussi. He has a tragic past, and he is close to a relative who is disabled, and tries to overcome his hardship, and eventually becomes bad, and tries to get revenge. It's an interesting drama that follows his story, as well the female lead who is also overcoming her own struggles.
Recommended by KittyCat2788
A short drama, but an unforgettable one. I definitely recommend this. A tough female lead who has a difficult past. She struggles in life, and becomes an assassin, and a killer. It is a story of a teenage girl, who is also an assassin. The similarity, is the personalities of the two female, they are both silent, and secretly working for bad people.
Recommended by KittyCat2788
i know neither of them are similar in the sense of genre but both depict the struggles of the characters in the dramas. my mister also has a murder storyline like in come and hug me and the ml in come and hug me is also in my mister.
Recommended by lololol
Both female leads know more about the male leads than the male leads are aware.
It has so many similarities, apart from the fact that in My Mister we have someone quite broken whereas in Big Issue our female lead managed to rise form that and became someone quite strong.
Recommended by Lou
Both dramas deal with two people going through difficult situations and finding comfort and support in each other. Both have characters with an age gap so the bond that they share is unlikely. Romance is something that is hinted but really its a strong friendship that is developed.
Recommended by ShotaSidePart
Both dramas deal with the harsh realities of life and how personal struggle can lead to positive growth.
Recommended by Rachel
Both take place in an office setting and about in-office politics. It also contains wire-tapping and the tapper growing to respect/like the tappee due to listening and learning about their true selves. It also becomes like an obsession for them to listen in on the person's life. Chief Kim is a more lighter drama with some heavy themes, where in My Mister is a heavier with some light scenes.
Recommended by Enigma_J_S