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Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 3

Yeon Seo Receives Cornea Donation

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Dan saves Yeon Seo, but this insubordinate act angers his deity. Dan is in danger of being dissipated, but he gets one last chance. Meanwhile, Seung Hwan dies because of the car accident, and Yeon Seo gets to receive his cornea transplant since Seung Hwan had arranged it with Yeon Seo in advance. (Source: KOCOWA)
  • Aired: May 23, 2019

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May 29, 2019

So good!

The relation between the characters is amazing shes beautiful amazing and I love that she's rude that just makes the character so much more interesting and him, hes kind nice and naive I just love the relation of these characters so much can't wait for the next episode i would watch the whole series without sleeping if it was all released at once
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May 26, 2019

5.0/10 - Tragedy can still be predictable.

*sighs* Mr. Jo was set for eye harvesting from the beginning. Wouldn't it have been a better drama if this kindhearted man lived? More interesting to see Lee Yeon Seo realize that Mr. Jo was her second father. MORE than father. He was her family, friend, and everything. It would have been more interesting to bypass the obvious death of the only person who cared and loved her to instead show them bonding. Show their interactions and eventual growth together. That's what would have been interesting. Moving. The better storyline.

Poor drama. Though considering the writer it does fit very well with the type of plot tragedy that is this writer's style. The difference this time the lead is super a depressing and rude lead. Where Lucky Romance's female lead was warm, loving and always happy/optimistic. So there's the twist. Or attempt at change.

Mmmmmm. So Lee Dong Gun's character seems to definitely be in the real world. We have not officially been introduced yet. I feel like the obvious plot is that Ni Na's parents have maybe highered him to romance her. Though clearly the car accident was an assassination attempt . . . so was he plan b? Or what? Or does he have no relations to her aunt and uncle? Is he a super creepy fan . . . OOOOOOOOO! What if he's a bodyguard that Mr. Jo paid to watch her!!!!!!! Though . .. that doesn't really work so far. Hmmmmmmmm. I love trying to guess! But I have a feeling I'm way over thinking it.

Kim Dan didn't do much except to see Lee Yeon Seo be weird and seemingly cold. I mean that creepy smile at Mr. Jo's funeral was indeed freaky stuff. Yikes! He missed her emotional break over seeing that video of herself with Mr. Jo and her parents.

I hate it when they kill the only person off who loves the lead, just to show what a disciple person they became/were. I want to see those kind of relationships mend. Those kind of characters protect the person they love, mend the relationship, and see their loved one restored.

Okay, I'll stop ranting.

So we're getting more of how Ni Na is a good person. Her family just doesn't let her be good. Hmmmmm. This is another drama trope build up there.

Overall this is still building a decent setup. I tell you Kim Dan or Lee Dong Gun's character are going to be her new chauffeur/secretary.

The twist that she now has anxiety and can't do anything because she did everything with Mr. Jo seems weird. Though it's drama irony: " I did everything with him. I can't do any of that now? Although I can see now?"

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May 24, 2019

Cry your heart out

A great emotional performance by Shin Hye Sun. There seemed to be a foreshadowing towards Jo Seung Hwan. As a man said at his funeral he got in trouble for things he didn't do. I kept wondering how Kim Dan / Angel Dan had to get Lee Yeon Seo to fall in love and I think the way they did it was clever and made sense I guess. Since they only have 100 days I guess the storyline will be at a fast pace.
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