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Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 4

Dan Becomes Yeon Seo's Secretary

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Kang Woo joins the Fantasia Ballet Company as an artistic director, and he criticizes Ni Na harshly. Kang Woo announces to the ballet company that he will appoint Yeon Seo as the lead ballerina. Dan gets hired as Yeon Seo’s secretary and has a hard time working under ill-natured Yeon Seo. (Source: KOCOWA)
  • Aired: May 23, 2019

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Jun 3, 2019

The ending scene!

It started so fun with that twist and then it ended with another twist I love it I feel like I shouldn't spoil anything because everyone should enjoy it on their own it was amazing can't wait for the next episode
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May 30, 2019

WOAH OMG the ending!!!!!

Let's just say I DID not expect that to happen so soon and then THAT ending on top??? WTH is going on. Like WUTTTTT. Those wings??? And that flashback???? WUT does that mean????OK after a hiatus for years from mdl this is probably my first post on this "new" mdl platform which I am not used to LOLI just had to comment because this drama is just so BEAUTIFUL. I just can not, not comment! Like WOAH the music, the bg and the actors are doing a fabolous job. WOAH so pretty. I feel like this is art while watching this drama. And I am not really into art so that says a lot hehe
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May 26, 2019

5.0/10 - Okay, I'm thinking after this episode we'll be moving into the meat of the drama.

Boom! Finally Lee Dong Gun's character is officially introduced!!! We are now formally introduced to Ji Kang Woo the newly appointed artistic director. He is kind of reminds me of the male version of Lee Yeon Seo. So that's a bit off putting.

Ji Kang Woo has to admit Ni Na has a point. In the dance world. Especially ballet next time usually means "you're out" and other things. Directors always have favorites unless you get an honest one. Those really don't exist. Especially in dance companies. Connections sadly.

That said . . . I became super confused by Ji Kang Woo's interests in Lee Yeon Seo. Is he just a super fan? Or is it another past connection. It's nice he was gonna push her to dance before the she got her sight back. So I want to think he had nothing to do with her "accidents". He's still a bit on the back burner so we'll see what happens!

Lee Yeon Seo is definitely the total opposite of the lead in Lucky Romance. Instead of stopping to smell the flowers she's pulling them up and destroying them. Kim Dan is right. She takes no pleasure in life and is not impressed by anything. If you can't enjoy the small things then you'll never be happy.

The issue so far is that Lee Yeon Seo is very unlikable. Her parents died . . . yeah that happens to everyone. She's blind. Well I hate to say it she had every cushion in the world to help her with that. (Try to be poor and blind. So on.) She's such an angry, greedy, miserable person so on, and on, and on ext. It's just that no matter her hardships you can't really relate to such a horrible person. Yikes.

I'm very curious to see how Kang Woo will handle her. Clearly Lee Yeon Seo only respects people who talk shit to her face. Who confront her. Basically people who act like her. So maybe Ji Kang Woo will be able to reach her. Because Kim Dan only acts that way when she's pushed him to his limits.

Now for that cliffhanger!!! What's up with his wings and will Lee Yeon Seo actually "see" them? Hmmmm. From the previews I feel like that's a no.

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May 24, 2019


I'm curious as to what Kang Woo's motives are. At first I thought he could be an investigator or just a creepy Lee Yeon Seo fan. The scenes of Kim Dan adjusting to the life of a human and being Lee Yeon Seo's secretary are hilarious.
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