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The Master's Sun Episode 1

9.1/10 from 169 users
Aug 07, 2013
Dyslexic Joo Joong Won is Kingdom Enterprise’s CEO. On a dark and stormy night, he meets Tae Kong Sil, a woman that has the developed the ability to see ghosts after an accident.… read more

The Master's Sun Episode 2

9.2/10 from 140 users
Aug 08, 2013
Tae Kong Sil gets a job as the mall’s custodian to stay closer to Joo Joong Won. Although JJW expresses his incredulity of TKS’s ghost-seeing abilities, he is subconsciously starting… read more

The Master's Sun Episode 3

9.3/10 from 118 users
Aug 14, 2013
After the ghost of a recently deceased person requests that Tae Kong Sil take her dropped shoe to her husband, both she and Joo Joong Won find out that she’s the wife of a shop owner… read more

The Master's Sun Episode 4

9.4/10 from 132 users
Aug 15, 2013
Both woke up in the same bed holding each other's hand. For their own benefit, they both agreed to work together. It also revealed that Kang Woo was investigating Gong Shil and he… read more

The Master's Sun Episode 5

9.3/10 from 124 users
Aug 21, 2013
Tae Kong Sil is promoted and gets an office closer to Joo Jong Won, but the job title and description is not quite as luxurious as she expected. Madam Go, a ghost matchmaker for members… read more

The Master's Sun Episode 6

9.4/10 from 117 users
Aug 22, 2013
Gong-shil plans to come clean with her secret to Kang-woo, but realizes it's impossible because he is terrified of ghost. Then a ghost dog not only follows Gong-shil but Joong-won… read more

The Master's Sun Episode 7

9.7/10 from 126 users
Aug 28, 2013
Kang Woo and Tae Kong Sil go to the Han river for their date, but she can’t enjoy herself because ghosts keep pestering her. Lee Seung Joon finds a doll that is housing three ghost… read more

The Master's Sun Episode 8

9.5/10 from 111 users
Aug 29, 2013
It is revealed that the person Kang Woo has been working for is Joo Jong Won’s father. Joo Jong Won feels bad for tricking Tea Kong Sil when he invites her to Kingdom Hotel to catch… read more

The Master's Sun Episode 9

9.6/10 from 118 users
Sep 04, 2013
In order for Kang Woo to understand the relationship between Tae Kong Sil and Joo Jong Won, Tae Kong Sil confesses to Kang Woo about her supernatural abilities. Pianist Louis Jang… read more

The Master's Sun Episode 10

9.7/10 from 125 users
Sep 05, 2013
Joo Joong Won comes back from China with a new fiance, so Tae Kong Sil decides to attempt to live a week without relying on him as a shelter. In reality, Joong Won and his ‘fiance’… read more

The Master's Sun Episode 11

9.8/10 from 93 users
Sep 11, 2013
After confessing his feelings to Tae Kong Sil, Joo Jong Won tells her she should not like him back. Kong Sil and Jong Won help the deceased ghost of Giant enterprise with his secret.… read more

The Master's Sun Episode 12

9.8/10 from 149 users
Sep 12, 2013
Tae Kong Sil wants to help the ghost of a dead child by revealing to his mother that he is no longer living, but Joo Jong Won warns her that it will be painful for the mother that… read more

The Master's Sun Episode 13

9.2/10 from 119 users
Sep 19, 2013
When Joo Jong Won wakes up from his operation, everyone finds out that his memories of the past few months have disappeared. Although he knows that his aunt is hiding something from… read more

The Master's Sun Episode 14

9.5/10 from 95 users
Sep 25, 2013
Gong Sil starts her new job helping the ghost matchmaker. Meanwhile, secretary Kim is back in Korea.

The Master's Sun Episode 15

9.3/10 from 104 users
Sep 26, 2013
Gong Sil meets someone from her past. Meanwhile, Yi Ryung finally gets her dinner date with Kang Woo.

The Master's Sun Episode 16

8.9/10 from 82 users
Oct 02, 2013
With the help of Tae Yeo Ri, Joo Jong Won successfully stops Tae Kong Sil from leaving. He warns Kong Sil that if she tries to leave, she will be stopped in the airport. As she has… read more

The Master's Sun Episode 17

9.7/10 from 96 users
Oct 03, 2013
A year has passed and Tae Kong Sil finally returns to Korea. She runs into Joo Jong Won who invites her to drink, and she pretends she can’t see ghosts anymore. After another awkward… read more