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The Master's Sun Episode 7


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Kang Woo and Tae Kong Sil go to the Han river for their date, but she can’t enjoy herself because ghosts keep pestering her. Lee Seung Joon finds a doll that is housing three ghost children. Tae Kong Sil finds the doll and takes it to the office in Kingdom. She substitutes as Joo Jong Won’s secretary while Manager Kim is out with a cold, but the ghost kids find a child in the mall with an abusive mother.

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  • Aired: August 28, 2013

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The Master's Sun Episode 7 Reviews

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May 15, 2017

When u think that the possibe is not possible

Well, this is my favorite episode untill now.
But is too dificult for me don't have interesting in the secundary. He is so carefull and cute.
Well, this episode have the climax. Sorry for any problem with the grammar.
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Oct 18, 2015

Five Stars

I think this was my favorite episode yet. I loved the development between Gong Shil and Joong Won! They're so much closer than they were before.
This was probably the most emotionally impacting ghost story so far. I've found pretty much all of them to be sad, but this one hit me hard. Maybe it's because I get more emotional at night, but I definitely teared up.
Also, that ending was perfect! Joong Won isn't marble, he's a total cinnamon roll!
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Sep 20, 2015

Gdyby fansub nie obejmowa? t?umaczenia piosenki,…

Gdyby fansub nie obejmowa? t?umaczenia piosenki, pewnie bym sobie bez emocji obejrza?a odcinek, ALE. Ja tutaj spodziewa?am si?, ?e Prezes z?amie si? i w ko?cu sprawy rusz? do przodu,a tu co to, kurde, ma by?, no? Ale skoro nawija? jej o przyja?ni, i w ogóle, to znaczy ?e... jest nadzieja na tym ?wiecie xD

Ale nadal nie mog? uwierzy?, ?e Ochroniarz s?u?y raportem ojcu Prezesa. Dlaczego on? Wydawa? si? przejmowa?, kiedy opowiada?, ?e lubi S?oneczko. Sk?d ma z nim powi?zania i co one znacz?? Jeszcze nie do ko?ca jestem przekonana co do tezy, ?e ojciec si? boi o syna, nie, nie, tu musi by? jaki? podtekst. Bo normalnym jest spotkanie twarz? w twarz i porozmawianie o tym, co kogo boli, a nie szpiegowanie i ?ledzenie. Hm... musi by? ukryty motyw. Wnuki ;-)

I po sprzeczce S?oneczka z Ochroniarzem za? piosenka... t?umaczona... Ludzie. Ale skoro tak bardzo mu na niej zale?y (cho? jej powiedzia?, ?e j? lubi jej), to czemu nie uchyli cho? r?bka tajemnicy o sobie, ha? Przecie? nie musi mówi? wszystkiego, tylko troch?. Mo?e przez to S?oneczko zmieni?aby zdanie, kto wie? Czemu si? uczepi? jej rodziny? Tego nie bardzo potrafi? rozgry??.

Nie potrafi? jej powiedzie? o duchu, to da? jej pakiet na basen. He, he, he, ech ty.... Niedobry ch?opiec, niedobry. Przez ciebie S?oneczko wybiega z planami w przysz?o?? i ach... ta kiecka serio mi si? podoba. Powinna ci? zbi? i do basenu wrzuci?, o.

Podoba mi si?, co prawda poboczny, ale za to ciekawy w?tek siostry S?oneczka i... nie wiem, jak ma na imi? ten dra?. Kim co? co?. Tak samo, jak Piosenkarka. Taka uparta kobitka ;-) Ale jaka szcz??liwa by?a, ?e Ochroniarz pomóg? jej uciec z metra.

I powoli wychodzi na jaw, ?e Ochroniarz to krecik... i wraca duch dziewczyny, no! Zaczyna si? dzia?!

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Dec 21, 2013

Kill that mom

I absolutely despise that poor excuse for a mother. And again, I really love the scenes with Tae Ryung and Kang woo
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Sep 19, 2013

Ever episode is my new favorite episode <3

it just keeps getting better and better, The ghost story of this episode made me cry the hardest of the other, the poor child how can a mother be like this, when Gong Shil opened the cupboard and found the child lying like this i couldn't hold it inside me so sad :(
THE ENDING *___* i love it, in most of the dramas usually when the male lead is arrogant and the female lead does something like that he says something to upset her but this one didn't he said DO YOU REALLY THINK I'M AN AIR-RAID SHELTER MADE OUT OF CONCRETE and then put her hand on his heart wahhhh my heart started beating for them it was amazing
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Sep 8, 2013

Sweet confession

When i was watching the last part of the episode i was heartbroken when i saw Kand Candy watching them and this sad song started playing.
When i was watching Tae Gong Shil and Joong Won walking i wasnt expecting something so touching!
When Joong Won became serious and said " When an insane sun rose in my world, I tried anything to get you out. However, i realized that I was dragged into your gloomy world. I was struggling to stop and get out. I realized in the cell today. I... already.. went all the way."
Waah i was like: Wait a minute, was that a confession just now? Nooway~ It wouldnt come so suddenly...
But then Tae Yangs reaction! I really havent seen such a good reaction to a guys sudden confession. It was really really lovely!
Im so excited to watch the next episode right now, i just finished that episode and just had to wright my feelings down :D

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Sep 1, 2013

Joong Won and Tae Yang!

I really enjoyed this episode. They are getting closer. Haha its funny how can't sleep with she was on the date with Kang Woo. He is starting to fall for her. The case was interesting and eh. I think is wrong for parents to abused their kids, but at least we know why the three ghost was there. It's wrong to abused your kids, but it happened in everyday life...Yi Ryeong is not so bad. I didn't like her in Cheongdam Alice, but in here she is nice and funny.
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Aug 30, 2013


It's not 'WOW!', but it's good enough to make me keep watching :) Maybe they'll turn into 'WOW!', I'll just have to wait and see if they'll progress as I expect or it will be amazingly beautifully unexpected...
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Aug 30, 2013

"“I was already as far gone as I was gonna get. " Joong Won

I went into this series with no expectations and while the show has been consistently good episode 7 kick started and turned up a gear in a way there's no going back.

The back stories are always heartfelt and rather than them being a plot filler I love how they are a catalyst for Joong-Won and Gong-Shil's relationship development.

The plot has developed well and truly to make way for the story arc to progress in future episodes. As the Chemistry becomes more explosive with each episode I want to see where the Hong sister's are taking them; if anything knowing the writer's style we're in for a ride, but it's going to be well worth it.

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Aug 30, 2013


~kyaaaaaaaa! This is definitely my favorite episode every moment is just too perfect!!! A MUST WATCH THAT'S ALL I HAVE TO SAY!!!!!
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Aug 29, 2013


Soooo cute ep i really liked it they both had very strong feelings in this ep
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Aug 29, 2013

I'm Loving It

This drama gets better and better.. I wasn't so sure after watching the first couple of episodes but ohh my it just got so much better.
Especially in this episode the ghost story with the little kid as well with the ghost kids' story was heartbreaking.
On a brighter note Tae Kong Sil and Joo Joong Won moves forward with our beloved Ceo making -dare to say?- a kind of confession that well he is a man and what Kong Sil does and in general Kong Sil actually has an impact on him!! Ahh.. Their chemistry is just superb and I can't wait for the next episode.. :)
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Aug 29, 2013

10/10 Because~

well this drama doesn't stop impressing me ! when i started watching this i expected it to be just the ordinary romance comedy ! clearly not in each episode their is more and more awesomeness going on so finally the creepy doll story ends it made me cry like a baby it was really deep i didn't expect that ! poor kid was being abused i cried so much during this episode and then their is the romance developing btw Master and Sun xD so cute i am happy that tae gong sil is finally starting to look at him as a man ! at least that is what i saw in the preview !! i can't wait for the next episode kyaaa and as always hoping this drama will keep it up !! Fighting !

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Aug 29, 2013

I'm a man

I was worrying Master's Sun will have a lull in the middle but this episode continues to show the big changes in Joong Won.

While keeping his sarcastic (but charming) self, he's now more considerate of what Gong Shil is going through, cannot stop worrying about her and even though he acknowledges the fact that he gets 'dragged' into her gloomy world, he realizes he can't leave her alone.

And now while she's so clueless about his building secret feelings, he's practically telling her he's a man and he gets attracted too. But the words are wittily masked in their dialogue, I can't help but fascinate about their interaction.

Case of the Creepy Doll, closed. With tears and peace. Kids always get to me. I just can't. T_T And then in the end, I let out a long scream~~no ghosts; it's just how they looked at each other when she touched his face and his reply to her gesture.

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Aug 29, 2013

The FEELS...

I'm so disappointed in Kang Woo right now. He gained major points when he decided not to open the envelope... Now he's negative points and will probably think Gong Sil is a con. All because she said Joon Won trusted her and he found the pictures of the necklace and Hee Joo.

The child abuse made me angry. I was with everyone else on Viki who wanted to throw a pitchfork at the mother (I do not condone violence..). She doesn't deserve to be a mother let alone around other human beings.

Yi Ryeong has been growing on me since the filming of that fantastic upscale cooking ware commercial. I should watch that again...

And of course the ending. Oh my goodness I was smiling so big. The lines between Gong Sil and Joo Won this Epi had me smiling the entire Epi. From the beginning when he said he was a man, not concrete (He's not immune to her touch:)) to the end when he said, "Do you really think I'm an air-raid shelter made out of marble?" And then placed HER hand over HIS heart. Aah, the FEELS. I'm SO EXCITED for the next Epi!

A.N.: I love how much of the skinship this Epi was initiated by Joo Won!

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Aug 29, 2013

LOVED this episode!

The last 2 minutes of this episode had me squealing!!! I'm so excited to see tomorrow's episode.

I won't post spoilers but the relationship between Joo Won and Gong Shil is definitely moving in the right direction and it's so damn cute to watch it go there.

And all I'm going to say is "Telescope". LOL
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Aug 29, 2013

"You aren't concrete, you are marble of high quality."

Wa...I can't start to explain how much I loved this episode!
I love how they are getting closer together!
I can tell and Joo Won is really starting to like Gong Shil...what with him being jealous and not being able to fall asleep when she was on date with Kang Woo.

"You are ignoring the fact that your safety hideout is a man…you can’t barge in asking to sleep together just holding hands…you must think I’m concrete or something…." - Master Joo Won
I loved that line! He's admitting to the fact that he does feel something for her and is not a rock or in this case concrete.

Waiting for the progression of their relationship!

What's with parents abusing their children in each drama I watch these days eh? It's sickening. Yet I know it happens often all around the world sadly.

Overall, this was an awesome episode! Lots of moments that make your heart flutter a little.

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