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You Who Came from the Stars Episode 2

The Second Record

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Min Joon embarrasses Song Yi in public while she films for a documentary special about her daily life.
  • Aired: December 19, 2013

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Jul 5, 2016

I get why people like it.

At this point I can totally see why the fans love this. But I'm bored. The only thing interesting me is Min Joon's life and the glimpses we get through the short flashbacks. I have a love affair with stories about people who have lived long lives. Immortals and such. Or aliens. The idea of how living a life watching so many people die and events repeating. Will they only be able to see the negative aspects of life, see the amazing beauty, or the balance of both. Min Joon is the world weary kind who's been beaten down by the negative aspects. The idea of Song Yi waking him up is a nice idea.

Jeon Ji Hyeon is doing a great job in the role of Song Yi, she's really giving it her all. Sadly I don't like the character still. I've never been able to understand people who hate looking like a fool, but do everything wrong. They don't learn when to quit and they just keep plowing ahead. But it is hilarious to watch. Ji Hyeon definitely brings energy to her role.

I like that the writer is not dragging out Min Joon finding out about Song Yi. If things go according to plan Song Yi will find out soon too. Because I hate it when male leads know something but the female leads are in the dark.

The evil brother aspect of Hui Kyung is very interesting, and that was an intensely creepy scene. I had vibes from the first episode that he might be a bad guy, but I feel like things may get intense there. Yeah, Hui Kyung is going to be that poor third wheel. It's already annoying to see how much he likes her, but she will never be his. 15 years is a long time to pine, especially when the person you're pining for has turned you down time and again. Though I feel like Song Yi is stringing him along.

Overall I get why the fans flock to this. Hopefully I'll get it to.

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Feb 24, 2014


So, we have the intro on the two main character's down. Time for some back story. I really like the ti-bits of past "Min Joon". It shows he used to be kinda playful and that he wants adventure at first. I like that the show kept his powers simple. Stops time, some telekinesis etc. Now for the intro of supporting roles. Do Min Joon's friend, the older gentleman seems like a strong character, he's a layer and seems like he could give some good advice. They had introduced Song Yi's mother and kind of her friend (Yoo Se-mi) also last episode but you kind of get that Song Yi's got drama in her life... now it seems it'll be Han Yoo Ra as competition... Not only that, her mom's taking her money, the teacher's giving her a Zero, her friend (Lee Hwi-kyung) wants to marry her and her "fans" still think shes stupid and fake. But Min Joon life is boring and routine so I guess it's kind of a good thing he meets her. LOL. You can kind of tell right away that Lee Hwi-kyung's brother is a bad dude that that something's up with him... Oh! and this whole reincarnation thing is quite intriguing. I'm glad they added this aspect to get these two main characters together because as it is now, they have nothing in common... Ep 3 time!

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Feb 1, 2014

Much better

Honestly I didn't like so much the first episode there is some part I got bored but this one was so much better and enjoyable.
I loved how they showed that people overreacting on the celebrity's mistake even if it was a normal mistakes and every person would do them. Really Poor celebrities they don't have a normal life
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Jan 20, 2014

In Love!

Wow I'm in love with this drama, it is simply awesome, reminds me a little about Queen Inhyun's Man but i love it, i love them both haha!
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Jan 19, 2014


This episode was great, love it when he was talking about fate.

One comment though, "Who showers with a towels wrapped around him?" That scene made me laugh.

One thought kept coming to my mind while watching the first and this episode, "With Min Joon super hearing, going to the toilet would be..... EMBARRASSING!". Poor Song Yi.
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Jan 11, 2014

Foreseeing a sad ending

Okay, I just marathoned the two episodes today. It was indeed awesome. I've enjoyed watching it. But I'm a bit worried on how this will end, it might end up sad. Or who knows, I'm just on the 2nd episode anyway.
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Jang Hyuk
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Jan 9, 2014

Fly Me To The Moon!

Wish all aliens were this cool.

Meeting the same girl over generations...and saving her...and losing her. Not so cool.

I hope he doesn't lose her this time.
That's the challenge.
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Dec 21, 2013

Omo,I didn't write the review :D

Chingus, I'm sorry for not posting about my feeling about this episode. Here I am now.
Ok,I really like it,and I'm sooo glad that he found out about her,and I know that she will be the reason for him not going back after three months.I know chingus,believe me ;D I really like Hyun's acting it's amazing,and both main actors is doing an amazing job. I really love Kim Soo's roles about cold-hearted guy,it really suits him ;)
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Dec 20, 2013


This was awesome!
I just wonder why didn't he remember her name cos when he saved her, the kid called her name

Loved this episode, and another shower scene..
It was beautiful ;-;

And his lips omg
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Dec 20, 2013


the fate of Min-joon and Song-yi is getting started and after watching 2 episodes, I started to crave for mooooore episodes!!!!

PS: another shower scene of KSH here. lol
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