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Has the same theme of the ML mistakenly kidnapping FL, and also falls for the FL while using her to anger the antagonist.
Recommended by littlemissfan
Drama is filled with anger, hatred, post, sadness, lots of intrigue, broken hearts, and love will prevail at the end.
Recommended by nejtik
-Both are slap and kiss revenge dramas.
- similar locations
- both involves main lead taking advantage of female lead's sister
- in both the dramas evil second female lead (who is related to female lead) falls in love with male lead at first sight
- both have loyal second male lead
- happy endings
Recommended by Valkyrie
These dramas are similar, because they both include: vengeance, violence and romance. Melodrama genre.
Recommended by TenderRain91
These dramas are similar, because they both include: vengeance, violence and romance. Main male lead is agreesive and cruel (because of the past, misunderstanding) towards to a female lead.
Recommended by TenderRain91
Both are about men who try and avenge their brothers by bring down the woman who they believe caused all the heartache. Both very dark romances.
Recommended by nibox72
Both lakorns came out in the same year and worth giving it a go.
If you liked SLAP/KISS genre and conflicting emotions of love/hate/revenge then recommend checking out this lakorn. Yes, the main female lead gets kidnapped to an island for the majority of the drama- turns out to have kidnapped the wrong person and you think you know what's going to happen. Its one of the first of it's kind. :)
Recommended by Chelsea
both ML mess with innocence FL in identity mistaken of 2nd FL who is evil character and end up to fall for FL
Recommended by DrAmAlOvEr
Both of you are like revenge for siblings who committed suicide.
Recommended by nejtik
If you want to see the same ML in a similar role but less outright mistaken identity, I'd recommend Raeng Tawan. His character has more nuance and depth, and he does add something more in that role, and the FL is a way better actress who pairs with him better. However, Raeng Tawan is a bit more lighthearted, with a kid involved and sweet supporting actors, if you need more sugar than salt.
Recommended by twiz
Jam Loey Rak also deals with kidnapping, but the story seems more soft than Wong Wien hua Jai, there are two versions for this but I watched the last one which is from 2008.
Recommended by Lala
Elder brother revenging for younger sibling by kidnapping the nang'ek to deserted island. But only to find out that he revenging at the wrong person later.
Recommended by NekoMeowMeow