by Ceki, February 10, 2018

Sina Weibo Awards has been an annual ceremony since 2003 and it was initially known as the ‘Sina Grand Ceremony’. It is broadcast live and considered one of the most popular events in China, attended by the most influential celebrities, actors, and singers. 

Here are the actor-related awards:

Weibo King: Deng Chao
Weibo Queen: Yang Mi
Weibo Entertainers of the Year: He Jiong, Huang Bo, Jolin Tsai
Weibo Gods of the Year:
Wallace Chung, Wang Kai, Tong Dawei, Lu Yi
Weibo Goddesses of the Year: Ni Ni, Liu Cecilia, Yuan Quan, Hu Jing
Weibo Most Searched Celebrities of the Year: Li Yi Feng, Angelababy
Weibo Popular Stars of the Year: Zhang Yishan, Yang Zi, Jing Tian, Guan Gabrielle
Actors of the Year: Liu Tao, Pan Yue Ming
Movies of the Year: Wolf Warrior II, Twenty Two, Youth
Drama of the Year: In the Name of the People
Web Drama of the Year: Day & Night

Who's the Best Dressed Celebrity?


Jolin Tsai

(Paolo Sebastian)
(La Perla)

Yang Mi, dress #1

Ni Ni


Liu Cecilia

Jing Tian

(Georges Chakre Haute Couture)
(Jenny Packham)

Gu Li Na Zha

Li Yuchun


Yuan Quan

Liu Tao

(Robeto Cavalli)
(Alexander Arutyunov)

Kris Wu

Li Yi Feng


Wang Yan Lin

Zhang Crystal

Wang Kai

Yang Mi, dress #2


Lin Yun

Zhou Dong Yu

Zhao Zanilia & Feng William


Wallace Chung

Ou Yang Na Na


Li Bing Bing

Yang Zi

(Elie Saab)
(Temperley London)

Zhong Chu Xi

Guan Gabrielle

(Ermanno Scervino)
(Alberta Ferretti)

Wang Yuan

Huang Xiao Ming

(Thom Browne)

According to you, which Chinese celebrities were the most stylish ones at the Weibo 2017 Awards?
Which Chinese dramas and films of 2017 are the best?
Thanks for reading!

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