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While watching a drama, we all have these moments where we fall in love with the leads - with their innocence, charms, righteousness, abs. But it is easy to like a character that is created to be liked. What makes an even better actor/actress is the one who can make you hate him/her. The antagonists that make you pull your hair and curse at your screens. The good old fashioned villains - They are so bad that they're actually good.

We have seen all kinds of villains - the psychopaths, murderers, evil stepmother, scheming in laws, the backstabbing best friend, greedy politicians/chaebols, cheating spouses and all those sweet little sidekicks who are pure evil in disguise.

There is something I once read online- In Harry Potter, people often hate Umbridge more than Voldemort because she was like the teacher we all had and hated. So, what makes a villain more displeasing is how much you can relate them to your real life.  

So,  we bring to you a list of 5 most hated Villains that we've come across in our drama viewing lives. 

WARNING: The article contains huge SPOILERS!


Lee Han Seo (Kim Young Hoon in Ugly Alert)

This guy's dictionary had a word missing- CONSENT. He was borderline delusional. He, one-sidedly, believed that the girl would eventually fall for him since he was the evident choice - except that it wasn't evident to him that he was being a crazy sociopathic creep. His overconfidence was annoying and the way he looked down upon others really got on one's nerves. Lee Han Seo was the perfect example of what a woman does not want in a man. This guy was that annoying stalker every woman fears - one who does not ever give up, keeps tabs on you, bullies you, and, at the same time, thinks that you are falling for him. Not only was he a male chauvinist pig, he also believed that everyone was stupid and misled. And he alone could save the girl, and the world. I'm pretty sure he wore his underwear over his pants at home and called himself Superman.
Evilness: Using a human test subject for his new brain drug when said human wasn't really mentally capable to say 'yes or no' to consent. Sakuto was coerced by an employee of Hachisuka whom he thought was pretty to agree to the tests.

Throughout the intelligence-awaking period he puts Sakuto through all kinds of emotional trauma in the name of science, stating the emotional milestones have to be hit to get true intelligence.

Ugh... Eggheads with no conscience are the worst.

# 4

Narimiya Hiroki as Katsumura Hideo in Kaitou Tantei Yamaneko (2016)

This man had one solution to every problem - Kill them. She  is someone who knows my secret? Let's kill her. He is someone who stands  in my way? Let's kill him. He breathed into my face. DIE, DIE, DIE!!
This character did not have an ounce of humanity and was so twisted that aliens had to come to earth to beat him (literally the plot). Shin Sung Rok made his stance so arrogantly frightening, that every time that he appeared on the screen, I got goosebumps.
A word of caution: do not look into his eyes directly. 
You  can argue that he was trained to have no conscience. To turn on your friends like that.  Well, I guess he has no idea how to have friends... everything is fake.  I saw it coming split second before it happened.  It was beautiful in execution.

He was the perfect assassin.


Narimiya Hiroki as Kanzaki Jun/J in Bloody Monday/Bloody Monday 2
You've seen him as the Innocent Chief Kim and Ahn Dan Tae. But Nam Goong Min proves that he is a force to reckon with by giving you the most devious serial killer, with a smirk that will give you nightmares for days. You would never suspect what he is hiding behind that innocent and harmless handsome face. Honestly, the drama would have been a huge disappointment if not for him. He wraps you around his every movement and you can't help but shudder whenever he smiles. (You can say that he  was a very sexy Pennywise).
Additionally, Nam Goong Min showed what an amazing actor he is by playing the antagonist in Remember - War of the Son.
Yes, I know he played the last bad guy too.  J is 100% bats**** crazy, but his charisma and charm make you want to follow him and his little cult that wants to NUKE Tokyo, first with a virus, second with a real Nuke.  
He smiles and says something clever then shoots the person he is talking to and goes on with his conversation.   Those are the good times when the smile goes away you better be on the next continent.
We miss your bad guys, Narimiya-san.


Ahn Do Hoon (Bae Soo Bin in Secret) and Han Jae Hee (Park Shi Yeon in The Innocent Man)

Kaga Mariko as Hoshikawa Hibari in 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made and as Domyoji Kaede in Hana Yori Dango
Ahn Do Hoon is the reason I came up with this article. He was the  boyfriend you wanted - A nice and hardworking guy who dreamt of helping  others. That is till he does a complete 180, and turns into the most  despicable person to have ever walked the face of earth. And Jae Hee was totally his female counterpart. At first, you try to pity her but slowly and steadily, you realize she is nothing but selfish and would use anyone to get what she wants. (Ok. I need to  calm down).
So, not only does Ahn Do Hoon and Jae Hee walk upon people's sincerity and sacrifice, but they keep on adding to their crimes by trying to run  from them. What made it worse was the fact that they always blamed it on  someone else. And this is what puts them on my list - the  antagonist who took people for granted, put the blame for every bad decision on others and defend himself/herself with misplaced  arrogance.
After playing the nicest possible SML in Shining Inheritance, this drama polished Bae Soo Bin as a versatile actor, and Park Shi Yeon was so convincing, that I can never trust her again.
Essentially the same character.  Duty and family more important than true love.  Not only that, it's the lengths that she goes through ESPECIALLY in Hanadan is just insane. Getting Makino's father fired, shutting down her place of employment, humiliating her in front of hundreds of guests. Trying to marry her son off with 3, yes, THREE other women. Offering her family butt loads of money to get her to stop seeing Tsukasa... The list goes on.
Even worse, apparently, she did the same thing to her daughter.

Evilness: Stopping MatuJun and Yamapi's characters from being with their true love with all the power her role gave her - Head of a multinational conglomerate and Head of the local Temple.


Min Joon Kook (Jung Woong In in I Hear Your Voice)
Before I start, Dear Min Joon Kook, Please don't be real.
From the first episode to the last, Min Jook Kook instilled fear in the audience - no matter where you hide, he will find you. From the scene in the courtroom where he threatens the leads to every glare and smirk he gave, it was clear that the man wanted blood. You could never trust him - and just when you start pitying him, he'd look at you with those cold eyes that you'd feel your soul sneaking out.
Jung Woong In managed to bring to life one of the creepiest psychopathic villain in dramaland - and that is what makes him an excellent actor. 
The scariest people are the ones that can hide in society well, true sociopaths and he plays this to perfection.
The perfect homeroom teacher in a town where children sometimes just disappear.

Japanese Honorable Mentions:  

I am going to mention that Ikuta Toma excels in bad guys that have a reason, they live in the grey zone, which is which I cannot mention his roles here in good conscience, maybe i'll do an article about those types of bad guys.

Korean Honorable Mentions (Bad, bad people): 

Who is on the top of your list?

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