thought I'd just post some of my K-pop arts here since MDL is so Asian-oriented haha! it's mostly BTS fanart
anyway I was thinking maybe if you draw you can post your art too and we can share all our arts and give feedback or connect on deviantart or something

*has a billion Jungkook drawings* 
but yeah idk I want to share and maybe you can post your arts here too and we can all give feedback or something ahh that would be nice ;;
Your artwork is very pretty :)
Woah!!! It's really great!!! I love your artwork!!! Do you do this as a hobby? or is this part of major/job?
@rosyprincess: Thank you!

@Weirdestone: Ahh thank you so much! I only do it as a hobby, haha.
omg chingu your art always amazes me your so talented !!! i love your drawings, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
@ladymay ahhh omg thank you always too ;;
Oh my!!! WHAT A TALENT! I cant even draw a flower properly hahaha. good job!
If there was a heart button, I'd give you a million hearts!  Beautiful works!
@mamamalYA - AHH THANK YOU ! haha it's just a lot of practice ;A;

@Six  - omggg thank you so much ;;
That first Hobi YF version, omo! Do you have one of the other members? (The other stuff are all awesome too!)
@sunah - ahh thank you! no ;; I only drew Hobi from the YF video~ I wanna do the others sometime too but busy haha
the hoseok fanart (first one) is so beautiful i almost cried
you're really talented!
my friend had asked me to send her some fanarts to make a collage poster for her bedroom and i happened to send a few of yours.
she LOVED yours (the first one) the most!
thought i should let you know :D
@Fay omg thank you I didn't see the first post oops. and ahhh I'm really glad to hear it >A