As I can't decide what I should watch next and time is also limited I decided to make a game out of it. Maybe others feel the same :D
I've seen several different similar games, maybe there is also this one already out there. If so, please tell me :)
So it's actually pretty simple. You post a list of dramas and the next person tells you which one he/she would recommend. 

Here is my list of dramas that I am thinking to start, but as said before time is short so I shouldn't watch more than one:
Missing 9
Tomorrow With You
Eternal Love
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Till Death Tear Us Apart
U-Prince The Lovely Geologist
I suggest Strong Woman Do Bong Soon!!

So, I'm guessing I post my own list? Is there a limit?

My list:
1. Missing You
2. She Was Pretty
3. Secret Garden
4. The Master's Sun
5. You're Beautiful

Hopefully I'm doing this right :p good idea btw!!
I recommend The Master's Sun! (But also like You're Beautiful (1st ever drama) and Secret Garden).

Asuko March!
Morrasoom Sawat
Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
Ugly Alert
Yamada kun to 7 nin no Majo
U-Prince The Series: The Foxy Pilot
I recommend Ugly alert!! This drama is too cute! but Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim is very good too!

Beautiful Mind
Drinking Solo
Falling for Innocence
Love Song
All About My Romance
A Gentleman's Dignity
9 End 2 Outs
I would recommend Falling for Innocence. A very interesting story that touched on romance, business any mystery. Jung Kyung Ho does a spectacular job at portraying a man's changing heart and feelings. 

W (2016) 
Goblin (2016)
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)
Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007)
Soulmate (2006)

Summer Snow (2000)
Seirei no Moribito (2016)
Ugly Duckling Series: Perfect Match (2015)
Smiling Pasta (2006)
Seito Shokun! (2007)
I am responding to @elle  (I haven't seen any that christine listed yet).  

I recommend Goblin.   Its a fantastic show, great casting, music, cinematography, story, directing and acting.  

That Winter, The Wind Blows
Queen Seon Duk
Company Man
Bad Guy
Wild Chives and Soybean Soup
Rough Cut
Father is Strange
Incomplete Life
Gong Ho's Starry Night

@ChristineDavenport seirei no moribito. it's the only one I've seen from your list but I enjoyed the first season quite a bit.

@joannesmith incomplete life! no single drama is for everyone, but I had a hard time finding any faults with misaeng. it's my #1 favorite.

last cinderella
security police (aka sp)
eternal love
kimi wa petto (2003)
radiant office
mother (jdrama, 2010)
I have only seen complete "Mother", is a good drama! but I'm watching right now "Radiant Office" and I really like it! I also just started "Tunnel"! and it has a good start!

A Man's Story
Bad Guys
Beautiful Mind
Cruel City
Local Hero
Six Flying Dragons
I've only seen Bad Guys but I would definitely recommend it. 

Radiant Office 
Chief Kim 
38 Task Force 
City Hunter 
The Princess' Man 
Empress Ki 
My Too Perfect Sons 
38 Task Force...(my friend just highly suggested it and Seo In Guk looks good too ^^)

A moment to remember
cinderella and the four knights
innocent man
shopping king louis
reply 1988
doctor stranger
I love "A moment to remember" is one of my favorite movies!! 

Signal and Reply 1988 are my favorite dramas from last year!

Solomon's Perjury
Aogeba Toutoshi
Koe Koi
Thumping Spike
School 2013
Love Song
Chanpon Tabetaka
On your list I've only watched "School 2013", I would recommend this drama. It has great actors and a awesome "Bromance".

1. Descendants Of the Sun - Korean- 2016

2. The Legend of  the Blue Sea - Korean- 2017

3. Hwarang-  Korean- 2017

4. My Shy Boss - Korean-  2017

5. Tomorrow with You- Korean  - 2017.
I've been tempted to watch Tomorrow with You 

1.  Chief Kim (2017)
2.  Defendant (2017)
3.  Man x Man (2017)
4.  Whisper (2017)
5.  Boku, Unmei no Hito desu (2017)