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Kiss or Dismiss

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I think i had a version of this game up before the hacker struck grrrr which was make a choice game i may resurrect that at sometime if it has indeed been deleted. I will need to check lol

Anway this is a simple choice you list someone & the person who posts after you says whether they would kiss them or NOT and they in turn give their selection...

Lets go ok easy one to start off with

Won Bin (sigh) kiss or dismiss?
Dismiss (sorry Han!)

Kang Nam Gil (hehe)
Uhhhhhh If he's got that 'stache on then dismiss!

Lee Seung Gi
Kiss!!! <3<3

Kamenashi Kazuya
haha oops! Mine was in reply to Kim Nam Gil :p

Not sure who the other guy is............
Crazy4You wrote: Kiss!!! <3<3

Kamenashi Kazuya

Hmmmmmmmm Dismiss (I prefer Koki :D)

Ikuta Toma <3
christypop wrote: Nishikido Ryo


So Ji Sub
The guy in your avi? Kiss

From B2ST? Kiss :p

Lee Kikwang
hmmm Kiss

Yoseob :D
Kiss haha

Matsumoto Jun