I just finished watching Something in the Rain last night. It made me feel like I just wanna bask in my emotions. The characters and story were flawed and real, yet it was so beautiful. It affected me, it moved and touched my soul. Just too many emotions! Lol! So tell me what Korean romantic drama moved you? And why if you care to explain. I want to know!

Go Back Couple/Confession Couple. Not only was it hilarious and romantic, it had a lot of storyline to do with friendships and family too. It spoke to me personally because of challenges I face in my own marriage. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to cry and laugh and root for the characters. :)

Becausee This is My First Life. It was such an amazing and thought provoking ride for me :)

Just Between Lovers 

Cheese is the Trap

Not a popular drama but I loved the flawed mains and how they were dealing with each other throughout.

I'm watching the drama "Mother" and this is stirring me in ways I could not imagine 

The web drama "Its okay to be sensitive". Its amazing everyone needs to watch it <3

a love to kill love is painful when comes to love became hatred or hatred became love or guilt in love that time people find themselves breathless  the situation is very torturous you can't die even you can't live that is my explanation for this drama 

come and hug me  fire yourself to light someone else life whom you love without expecting anything in return

the innocent man  my hatred fire the whole world but i didn't realize  i'm not spare of that fire (in love) 

playful kiss  i'm aware of my feelings but i don't want to admit it cause i'm enjoying  her trust in love

the k2  he is light of my life and i'm flower of his life

  • Just between Lovers +1 
  • Its okay its love +
  • Healer
  • Shining inheritance
  • Moon that embraces the Sun 
  • Princess Man
  • Goblin
  • Reply 1994 
  • Life is beautiful (2010) 
  • Ugly Alert

Scarlet heart- moon lovers... didn't actually like the drama about (sorry guys), but I was so sad at how someone was so badly treated due to his scar, and how no one understood him... and how just one person loving him, completely brightened his world...

It's Ok That's Love +1


 Autumn's Concerto (tai drama)

Our Times ( tai movie)

Miss Hammurabi 

Two Weeks

While You Were Sleeping

**Don't know, they just made me literally cry at some point

Just Between Lovers was an amazing drama! There is no magic or heroics here,  just two people struggling with the past and fighting each day to live a better life.   

There were so many great moments, such great dialog.  Here is a quote from the drama that really impacted me:  “Just because the sound of your cry is louder, it doesn’t mean your pain is greater.”   I'll never forget this drama!

Healer, Kill Me, Heal Me,  Another Miss Oh

Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Beautiful Days

Beautiful Mind