MOON LOVERS SCARLET HEART is the best. I've watched many korean drama but this one stay in my heart. Such an amazing drama, all the episodes are so captivating and all the cast are really great. Of all the korean drama I've watched this is number 1 for us. Highly recommended to everyone one.!!! Super favorite drama. Congratulations Scarlet Heart this is really the best.

SCARLET HEART is our forever favorite drama
totally agree!!!^^ loved this drama too!!!! really liked many characters, Lee jun ki is soooo handsome!!!! its definetly one of my fav historical dramas!!! :D
I loved it too omo it was heartbreaking!! 
Whilst it did have its flaws, I thoroughly enjoyed the series as a whole and found myself getting invested with the main characters despite picking up the drama after a long break from any drama watching. Lee Joon Gi never fails to impress with his acting, and Kang Ha Neul was also impressive as Wang Wook.
Such a heartbreaking drama. Loved it so much!
Suffered from second-lead syndrome 'til the end!!!!!! *dies*
YASSSSSSSSSSS...This drama stole my heart.....I can't even watch dramss the same because of shr-.- Long live this masterpiece*-* 
It's my third favorite too!

One of my favorites and I loved it so much. I wish there was a season two T_T


I'm only on episode 11 but because I remember parts of the Chinese version when I watched it with my mom at times when I was little and because I have a habit of reading spoilers, I already know how it ends. 

I want someone to erase my memory every time I watch a masterpiece so I can watch it all over again!!!