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Muse - Our Time is Running Out. Im addicted to it.
This week my favorite one is: Phil Collins - You'll be in my heart :)

Shinedown-Bully It says a lot of how I feel toward those who torment others.
Foster the People - Houdini fun. - We Are Young Skrillex - Bangarang i have been addicted to these 3 for a while now
Aaliyah - Try Again (favorite ever) Kansas - Dust in the Wind (it's a bit old, but still, I love it) Muse - Uprising
Dufresne wrote: This week my favorite one is: Phil Collins - You'll be in my heart

High 5! Phil Collins is awesome.

At the moment, I'm loving:

Vampires Will Never Hurt You - My Chemical Romance

Hurricane - Panic! at the Disco

Of Wolf and Man - Metallica

for me, at the moment : GOTYE, Somebody I used to know (not 100% sure of the title)
Lose My Mind - The Wanted

(I would put all of The Wanted's music up put that would soely be for my pleasure...not sure if everyone else would appreciate it aha :))
Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift

You Found Me - The Fray (addicted!!)
I like this one too ^^
The Goo Goo Dolls - Black Balloon

devitto Volunteer Staff
30 Seconds to Mars - Hurricane Malice in Wonderland - A Tear and a Whisper <3
currently, my favorite is actually a tie between Zenttric's Sol and Adrián Rodríguez's Enamorado <3

it even plays in my dreams