Not very many people have heard of Vietnamese music at all, so this is just a small glimpse into some of my personal favorite songs and artists from Vietnam. Feel free to share some of your own V-Pop favorites if you ever get the chance!

*This should probably belong in the General Asia forum, but I can see that it's mostly about East Asian dramas so I just put it here ^^

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A few years ago I've been introduced to the band 365 by a friend and since then I do check from time to time their new songs/mvs, my fave of them are : Music in Me (so addcting seriously) and Awakening.
Otherwise my fave Viet song is : Talk to U by X4 Band.

Thanks for this thread and the songs you posted here, I'll find time to listen to them ;)
@Dounie Good mention! They are considered the one of the most successful V-Pop boybands!
Some artists and groups from a Vietnamese music company some of you K-Pop fans may have heard of: ST.319


Erik (Monstar)
Min (previously in ST.319)
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Thanks for this thread! I don't know any v-pop but am always curious about discovering new music. I'll check out your recommendations.

Try Trung Quân Idol's. His songs are beautiful. 

Just a subscriber but wow that one dude from UNI5 looks like he’s been carved by the Greek Gods 

Love all the artists already mentioned!

Artists I really like (besides the ones mentioned already above):


-Suni Ha Linh


-Mr. Siro



-Huong Tram

Other artists:

-Han Sara



-Tien Tien

-Miu Le

-Van Mai Huong

-Noo Phuoc Thinh

-Hari Won

-S.T Son Thach

-Hoang Ton

-Duc Phuc

-Only C


-Dong Nhi

-Toc Tien