Hello everyone:) I'm in a drama slump  I'm watching dramas but they're not making me feel things like they're not changing my world and I need a drama that does I need an addictive romance drama that completely takes over my life I need your help because I can't find one so please drop all of your best romance drama recommendations thank you also guys I watch dramas from all types of countries as long as  it is addictive and it has romance I will watch it

Knight flower

Marry my husband

Alchemy of souls

Those are probably my favorite so far! But for extra info, whenever I'm bored I watch this anime called disastrous life of saiki its actually top tier comedy I recommend watching it when you're bored!

Time to Fall in love

Fall in love(2022)

another miss oh! 

mr. queen

the good bad mother (currently watching and the main romance is just so sweet to me idk)

Dramas I loved the most AND / OR watched 2 or more times:


You Are My Glory (2021) (I've read the novel twice and seen it 4 times - plan to watch it again)

Hidden Love

The Legend of Shen Li (2024)

My Journey to You (2023)

The Sword and the Brocade (2021) - harem drama. ML has many wives. 


Queen of Tears (2024) - ONGOING (incredible)

It's Okay to Not Be Okay (2020)

The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)

Thirty but Seventeen (2018)

When the Camellia Blooms (2019) (actually I've seen it 5x)

Captivating the King (2024)


Love Destiny (2018)

The Crown Princess (2018)

Twinkling watermelon 2023) 9.2 ✨

- Love Like the Galaxy ( the first 8 ep's are SUPER, super Slow, so expect to be bored out of your mind in the beginning, it took me 3 tries to finsih this.... BUT just wait, this series will blow your mind once it gets going).  Honestly, its my favorite cdrama. 

- Till the End of the Moon

- Tears in Heaven  ( After ep20 it went down hill, but the beginning is a roller coaster, you're gonna cry.  Happy ending) 

- Love Between Fairy and Devil

- Too Late to Say I Love You  ( this is an oldie, very soapy so lots of twists)

- My Sunshine (another oldie)

These are the ones I binged and got obsessed with.


You Are My Glory   Modern Rom-Com

The Starry Love  Fantasy Rom-Com

The Romance of Tiger and Rose Fantasy Rom-Com

Story of Yanxi Palace  Historical Drama Romance

Story of Kunning Palace  Historical Drama Romance

My Sassy Princess Historical Rom-Com

Meet Yourself Modern Romance

Hidden Love Modern Rom-Com

Battle of Changsha Historical Romance


Perfect Marriage Revenge Fantasy Romance

Healer  Modern Romance

Fanletter Please Modern Romance Short Series


Lost Romance Fantasy Rom-Com


To the Moon and Back Modern Romance

Not Me BL Modern Romance

Moonlight Chicken BL Modern Romance

Love Destiny Fantasy Rom-Com

KinnPorsche BL Rom-Com

A tale of a Thousand Stars BL Modern Romance