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Try these. They're all Japanese Dramas :)

Rich Man Poor Woman
5 ji kara 9 ji Made
Asuko March
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2007
Mini dramas - (4 eps) (12 eps but each is 24 mins) and (10 eps, each 20 mins) (16 eps, each 15 mins) (12 eps, each 30 mins) (5 eps)

Drama specials - (2 eps) (4 eps) (4 eps) (2 eps) (4 eps) (8 eps)

Queen of the Ring
Splash Splash Love (this was really good :)

Adolescence Medley  (4 eps)
Wednesday 3:30 pm (10  30-min eps)
The Boy Next Door (16  6-min eps)
The Day After We Broke Up (8  30-min eps)
*My Only Love Song (20  30-min eps)

*i'd watch this right away

Dramas I didn't see among the answers and I liked very much were:
- Noble my Love (rich guy poor girl romance)
- Love a thousend more (supernatural, love)
- Touching you (supernatural)
- Nightmare teacher (mysterie, school)
Baek Hee Has Returned - it's great!
Mini drama :
Kogure Photo Studio

Drama SP (2hr drama, solid storyline, great cast) :
Murder on The Orient Express
Kidnap Tour
Mou Yukai Nante Shinai
Suki na hito ga iru koto ( A Girl and Three Sweethearts) is a 10 episode Japanese drama that is fun and lovely (Also I like Yamazaki Kento and Shohei Miura and they are both in this drama.) The setting in this drama is so lovely!

Last Cinderella is another great Japanese drama. It is a little more mature but filled with lots of humor and romance. 

Noble, My Love is a cute and quick Korean drama with Sung Hoon in it. It is 20 episodes but the episodes are only 15 minutes each so it is super easy to watch.

Orange Marmalade is an interesting Korean drama with 12 episodes. It was pretty different than most of the ones that I have seen in the fact that there were a few episodes like a sageuk drama.

The U-Prince Series are really quick Thai dramas and they are fun. (Sometimes you have to suspend some logic because besides the first in the series which is 8 episodes and the last which is 5 episodes the rest only have 4 episodes so the plot moves very quickly. I will give you a trigger warning about the first one The Handsome Cowboy watch that one with a little caution) If you don't care about order I would recommend The Lovely Geologist, The Extroverted Humanist, The Single Lawyer, The Badly Politics, and the one currently airing The Ambitious Boss. If you do care about order it should go Handsome Cowboy, Gentle Vet, Lovely Geologist, Badass Baker, Absolute Economist, Foxy Pilot, Playful Comm-Arts, Extroverted Humanist, Single Lawyer, Badly Politics, Ambitious Boss.

Another Thai one I recommend is called Secret Love: Puppy Honey. It is 8 episodes and it is fun and cute. (I didn't really like the sequel as much though TT) Technically this is a series of three dramas that don't have anything to do with each other (My Lil' Boy in which a senior girl pursues a 9th grade boy...which was actually enjoyable but more because her schemes were crazy as heck. Puppy Honey is about a college student fighting to keep his veterinarian club from shutting down and trying to enlist members. The girl he is pursuing has a fear of dogs. Bake Me Love, which I also recommend, is about a food blogger who ends up living next to the guy who deeply insulted her cake. There is an interesting sabotage story here and also she pretends the guy is her boyfriend to stave off her mother trying to marry her off.)
oh, I have one: Naked firemen. It's a really good mini-drama, It only has 4 episodes 
I haven't seen that much but my favorites are definitely White Christmas, Twenty Years Old, Splash Splash Love and Heartbeat Love
People keep recommending these but I personally hated Queen of the Ring, Sirius and After school lucky or not lol I feel like it's just me 
My Runway

Splash Splash Love

Go Ho's Starry Night