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Please recommend romance dramas where the boss (preferably the male lead) falls for the lowly employee. I'm searching and searching, but none are really available. I think it's because I watched "Boss and Me" and that drama sets the bar pretty high. I've also looked at "Just You" but didn't get past the 2nd episode.
In summary, I've watched:
Boss and Me
Master's Sun
Protect the Boss
Kim Sam Soon
King2Hearts (it had the vibe, what with him being king and all...)

Please suggest any more. I'm open to Chinese dramas too (love those). Anything Asian.
I can only think of a couple at the moment: Coffee Prince and Full House.
Coffee Prince is excellent. Full house I didn't like so much, but there are people who loved it.
Here's a few I enjoyed for the most part:
Cunning Single Lady - the female lead takes a job at her ex-husbands company
The King of Dramas - he's a drama producer and she's a writer
Hotaru no Hikari (and it's sequel)- the boss in the ways of drama ends up moving in with a messy employee
Cheongdamdong Alice - if I remember correctly the female lead ends up working for the male lead as a fashion consultant or such.
Rich Man, Poor Woman - a straightforward boss/employee romance 

Personally Just You is one of the few Taiwanese dramas (so far) that I really enjoyed, I would recommend picking it up again if you can.

Office Girls
Ugly Alert ( Female Boss )
Falling For Innocence
Scent of a Woman
Miss Rose
All about my Mom ( Airing )
Beautiful Days

Thanks much everyone. I am definitely going to check out all these dramas. 

Please keep suggestions coming. Thanks :)

Oh My Ghostess: he's a star chef and she's a clumsy assistant. He eventually falls heads over heels for her, though he keeps reminding her about how he's the "great Sun Woo" and she should be honoured -- of course his insecurity is so obvious it's endearing rather than annoying, haha

When A Man's in Love: as ever beware of this drama, since it displeased many people. In any case, they meet while he's a loan shark and she's a highschooler whose family he's bullying for money. It's love at first sight for him, so he gives her money for her studies, cleans up his act and becomes the wealthy head of a large conglomerate or something. Several years after they meet again, and she's still struggling, so he hires her *supposedly* for her to repay her debt to him, but of course it's because he loves her. The reason why many people disliked this drama is because the heroine is rather cold.

Second Time Twenty Years Old (currently airing): not boss - employee, but rather teacher - student, so there's a similar dynamic where he's at the top of the ladder and she's way at the bottom. He knew her when he was an outcast boy and she was a popular girl in highschool that was kind to him, only they meet again when she starts attending college at 38 or something (everyone gives her a hard time about it), and he's a respected professor. 

Technically Que Sera Sera has a boss falling for his employee, but if it's a straightforward and sweet romance you're looking for, then stay away from this drama (though I loved it). Angst and love tangles alert!

It's short and extra light, but in EXO Next Door, an idol and the girl that's hired to clean their house end up together.

And I second Rich Man, Poor Woman
I thought I was the only one who couldn't take "Just You" @_@ but it's pretty difficult to top "Boss & Me" actually but I already second the previous recommendations: "Queen of SOP", "Down With Love",  and "Rich Man, Poor Woman" and that's all I could think of from my MDL too as well :D
Thanks @Kim-Park-Lee and @marianwatchesdrama. 

Oh my Ghostess sounds great, just what I want. I will also give Whan A Man's in Love a secend chance. I watched the 1st episode but wasn't feeling it. Maybe in ep 3 or something it will get better. EXO Next Door and Second Time are going on my list as well. I think I will stay away from Que Sera Sera though - thanks for the warning.

Boss and Me is sooo hard to top. Nothing compares so I've hit a little drama rutt! I'm giving Queen of SOP a try, but I really don;t like noona romances (though it's not a big part in Queen of SOP). Will check out Down with Love, and I saw Rich Man, Poor Woman thanks. They should make another like it. 

Thanks to you both - I will be occupied for a while now :)
Hahahahaa @Yesungamina... :)

Nice to see another Boss and Me fan. Boss and me was the basis for me asking this question. I loved the amount of romantic scenes in it and the two actors had great, believable chemistry together. I want another one like it, though I don't think it exists. The only think a little close in terms of romance is "Heartless City". I even read Gu Man's book, to tell you how much I liked Boss and Me.
Everyone has already offered a lot of great suggestions, a couple others that are close that I know of:
Can You Hear My Heart (from your plan-to-watch list - she ends up working for him)
High School King of Savvy
Blade Man (she doesn't start as his employee, but is later hired)
PS. Like Levee said, Just You is really a great, entertaining romance. I'm on episode 4 and it just keeps getting better.
I would recommend giving Just You another shot. It took me until about the 4th episode to really get into it. Aaron Yan was also in another similar role to that called Fall in Love with Me, where he is technically her boss, but it's not really a boss/employee relationship drama.

Hi, My Sweetheart is a good one. This is more a lost love drama, but the lead does buy the radio station she works for and becomes her boss.

That's all I can think of that hasn't already been mentioned.
How about The Best Lee Soon Shin ? I think She (soon shin) Falling in love with her director (Joon Ho) If I'm not mistaken. and She Was Pretty, it is about childhood friend and her childhood friend become her boss. I like this drama, it is so cute and funny too