As the title says, I'm looking for a sensual drama. By that I don't mean bed scene, just something where you can feel the attraction between the two main characters growing slowly but irremediably. It shows through eyes, gestures and such... In one word : desire. I'm not looking for something "cute", I'm looking for something mature. Some good exemples I can think of would be Garasu no Ie (aka Glass no Kazoku) and Ice World. I can only think of those two old jdramas right now because I watched them not long ago, but I don't mind dramas from other countries.

PS : No sad endings, please. Have mercy on me ToT
Secret Love Affair
really strong chemistry feels in Scent of a Woman (young adults so mature romance, has bitter sweet ending but passion between leads is strong) Also The Princess's man historical is beautiful great looking leads and lots of desire and romance in it.
Thank you all for your recommendations! I'll probably start with Secret Love Affair since I already have it on my PTW list but I'll definitely check the others out ^^
This thread is to me because I search always something like that but usually I don't find it T.T ( I even want a bed scene hahahah :P)

Anyway, bc I can't recommend so much yet, I'm thinking on mr.cop : yes, is a police drama and almost no love, but there is a couple there (HOT AF) who can surprise you... sadly they aren't the main couple and is a police drama so the focus is on crimen BUT I loved this drama btw (maybe you can try in other mood) hahaha

Other is The good wife , SADLY, no the kind of ending you are searching for haha 

If I find some like that I will back to here! fighting! lol 

P.d: ahhh you tried Hotel king????? hot af too :* 
Thanks! I already saw the good wife and I'm satisfied with the ending, even though it could have been better. I nearly added it among the exemples because I just loved the elevator kiss scene. I'll give Mr. Cop (or rather I can only find Mrs Cop on MDL, did you mean this one ?) a try since I love police dramas. Maybe also Hotel king if you say it's good.
Btw, I don't mind bed scene either ^^ I just meant even that had to be sensual if there was one because some dramas have bed scene without real attraction, which is not quite the same as feeling the tension between two people. To me, that's also part of love.
Another Miss Oh? I'm not sure if you will like it, but it has a different story and is not about cute candy stuff
Yes exactly that drama is!!! 
And yes, I understood the meaning, and is true. Honestly is so hard to watch a bed scenes in kdrama what when there is one I even close my eyes like a kid LMAO. 

BTW: THAT SCENE IN THE ELEVATOR (the good wife) is forever in my mind, I even uploaded the song from that moment. Yooo hot af 
Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003 is sensual and really good (I just finished it :'( ), BUT it's ending is sad :(