im looking for a drama where the man is so obsessed with the female that he claims her as his own, even if shes doesnt want it. Someone who will do anything for her, even hurt her in order to protect her.

examples is scarlet heat ryeo, empress ki, summers desire, lee jun kai, sealed with kiss, secret,  Sawan biang, sealed with a kiss,lady and the liar

I want him to be so crazy and jealous about her that its driving him  nuts!

aren't most kdramas like this, I'd second boys over flowers, kill me heal me
and if it's japanese drama then: from 5 to 9 and hana yori dango (the j-version of boys over flowers)
MARS, Faith, Falling for Innocence, Descendants of the Sun and maybe Who Are You: School 2015 to a small extent.
It's been a while since I've watched most of them so please forgive me if I'm not remembering correctly.
Jealousy Incarnate. 
Noble My Love
Cruel Romance
Girl Who Wears Tassel Earring
Sealed With A Kiss
Lady and Liar
Too Late to Say I Love You
Meteor Garden

Too Late to Say I Love You --
Sound of the Desert -- 

P.S. ... Lakorns are loaded w/ this stereotypical male type and this trope .... But as u may know, they are not for everyone.