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I have recently been introduced to lakorns and have only been binge-watching lakorns with the actor push starring in them. I want to slap/kiss lakorns without the rape. I would also prefer if the lakorns ended happily. 

Lakorns I have watched:

Leh Nang Fah 

Wannueng Jaa Pben Superstar

Full House

Kiss Me 

U-Prince The Series: Tha Handsome Cowboy

Ugly Ducklings: Perfect Match

Kleun Cheewit (its in my PTW list but I already watched a couple episodes of it)

*Edit: Duang Jai Akkanee and Leh Ratree (just watched them, thanks to MusicalVeggies and OnigiriBunnie)

The number of Thai lakorn viewers here on MDL tends to be a pretty small bunch compared to the massive K-drama, J-drama and even C-drama audience but hopefully someone will eventually see this topic of yours and provide some useful recommendations.

As for me, I'm not a fan of the revenge and slap/kiss genre so I have very limited slap/kiss dramas without rape to recommend to you. I can, however, recommend some Thai Lakorns where the main leads have a more physical/ bickering dynamic i.e. verbal fights, physical hitting, hair-pulling, ear-pinching sort. If this is also okay with you, here are some which you might want to check out:-

1. 'Neung Nai Suang' - there is a 2005 version and a 2015 remake. A period drama set in 1950s Thailand, both have an overall storyline of the main male lead bullying the main female lead but eventually both fall in love with each other as a plot premise. I have not seen the 2015 version as I had heard that the 2005 version was better in terms of characterisation and acting. In the 2005 version, there is a lot of verbal fighting/quarreling, some man-handling and one incident of a forced kiss-and-slap so this is the only show I've seen outside of  'Kluen Cheewit' which had a slap/kiss without rape. 

2. 'Oum Rak' (2006) - this is a romantic comedy but both the male and female leads here are very loud, emotionally-driven and headstrong in their personalities which leads to lots of physical interactions. In fact, in the first episode itself when the female lead discovers that the male lead had slept with her without her knowledge and consent (technically a rape but I don't think a lot of viewers realise this, lol, because both of them were extremely intoxicated), she literally goes right at him - hitting, hair-pulling, strangling, etc. This dynamic is more or less sustained through pretty large chunks of the show but because of the fabulous acting of the main leads, the show comes across funny and even emotionally poignant at times. It is one of my favourite Thai shows to date, and such a hidden gem (not many people know about it as it is more than 10 years old).

3. 'The Cupid Series - Sorn Ruk Kammathep' (2017) - this is another romantic comedy where the main female lead is a man-hater i.e. holds serious prejudices against men, and she is quite the tomboy too so she gets very physical in her interactions with those of the male species i.e. lots of hitting, kicking, punching, etc. The male lead here is actually a nice guy so the dynamic is rather one-sided but it's a fun watch.

4. 'Padiwarada' (2016) - while this show has a definitely slower and dreamier feel compared to your typical high-tensioned slap/kiss, the dynamic between the main leads is of the bickering sort too but as it is set in the 1950s, the bickering is of the more restrained/ mature sort (like 'Neung Nai Suang'). There are, however, more man-handling scenes i.e. male lead grabbing female lead and dragging her around, forced cheek kisses, etc. compared to 'Neung Nai Suang', and the female lead does have a bit of a backbone and retaliates (but no slaps though) so this might also be something you're interested in. 

Other shows which also seem to have this bickering or love-hate relationship but which I've not been motivated to finish (as I eventually lost interest), but which quite a few people seem to enjoy are as follows:-

5. 'Song Huajai Nee Puer Tur' (2015) - the male lead's main personality here is a very over-bearing one and the female lead is also very feisty so this leads to lots of back-and-forth bickering and physicality here. Not sure if there is any slap/kiss scene as I didn't finish but the push-pull dynamic is there.

6. 'Majurat See Nam Peung' (2013) - the male lead has a grumpy and ill-tempered personality and he knew that he was cheated by the female lead's family which leads to him behaving badly towards the female lead. I am not sure if there is a forced kiss scene (I think there was from a clip I've seen) but I doubt the female lead slapped him back because her personality is pretty soft. You'll have to watch it to see for yourself. 

7. 'Duang Jai Akkanee' (2010) - both leads have this playground bickering relationship dynamic. Romeo-and-Juliet style plot premise so there is already a basis for the dislike and for the bickering. 

Sorry I've not been able to be of more help, but hopefully you'll at least have something to consider if no-one else pops up to contribute. 

thanks, I'll be sure to check these lakorns out

I really liked Leh Ratree the 2015 version with Sean and Esther. I am told the original had rape but this one did not. I will warn you though there is a forced kiss.


I really liked Leh Ratree the 2015 version with Sean and Esther. I am told the original had rape but this one did not. I will warn you though there is a forced kiss.

I don't mind if there are forced kisses, as long as there is no rape, I'll be a happy camper. Thanks for the rec

I second Leh Ratree. I haven't seen it, but it fits your description.

Ton Rak Rim Rua with Kimberly Ann Voltemas and Mark Prin is a really sweet lakorn. The two leads marry three times - mostly out of obligation or desperation or family affairs - but don't really feel like they love each other until the end. The old friendship-turns-into-love trope.  Most of the drama is family related. Plus, the leads are actually dating, have worked together several times and have great chemistry.