My Favourite BL Series

I have to thank TikTok for introducing me to Thai BL series. I came across TikToks of clips from My Engineer, 2gether and Tharntype. And I am so blessed to have discovered gay content with people who look like me! I will forever to a fan from now on!

I was actually introduced to the BL genre by seeing a clip of My Engineer on TikTok one night at the end of April 2020. I also came across TikToks of 2gether & Tharntype soon after. Being a gay Asian, I have always seeked out Asian and gay films to watch. Discovering the BL genre has been a godsend! I felt so blessed that I went on TikTok that night and came across that specific TikTok. Otherwise, I would have never known about BL's, which would have been quite sad. Since then, I have watched all the most popular/acclaimed BL's, starting with 2gether at the beginning of May 2020. I absolutely LOVE this genre! You get so invested in the relationships and truly hope that the main couple will be together forever. Your heart swells at moments of love; breaks at moments of rejection; melts at moments of confession. No other genre has been able to elicit such visceral reactions from me and this is coming from an avid cinephile who uses film and TV shows to escape his miserable life of being both closeted and forced to go to dental school. I will continue to watch BL's until the day that I die no cap!

I love the gay utopia that BL's portray where everyone is gay or straight with repressed gay feelings. If only reality was as simple where you don't have to guess if someone you like is gay or not...

On a side note, a few of the titles in this list are not actually BL's nor have watched them, but they have similar titles to Vietnamese BL's which are not on MyDramaList (yet). So, they are serving as placeholders at the moment. 

AKAshon May 15, 2020
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