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I started watching dramas around 2007-2009 range, vague idea. My first was either Hana Kimi or Gokusen, off the top of my head.

Ratings depend on mood, genre, and actors/actresses. They vary between 6~9.5, with 10 being rare. Anything under that, it's highly likely I didn't enjoy it.

I'm primary a Japanese drama watcher, but I watch a wide variety of dramas of what I can get my hands on. It usually goes Japanese > Korean > Taiwan > China and  whatever else afterwards.

Typically, I will decline friend requests if we haven't chatted before. I'm rarely on the public feeds but I might make comments on other people's posts. 

PLEASE, send me a message before you send a friend request!

Favorite Actors/Actresses

1. Morikawa Aoi 

I really enjoy her acting because most of the time she can make me laugh and I just love her in general!

1. Sato Takeru

While he's still adorable, he's not quite my favorite anymore. There's no one else currently who I've given as much love to than him.



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